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You just got invited to a Halloween party and now have to bring dessert or a snack, last minute. There’s no time to cook anything or slave over the stove so instead of stressing, bring this cute and festive sweet last-minute Halloween dessert. It only uses pretzel rods and peanut butter cups to create adorable witch broomsticks! The sweet and salty taste is a favorite amongst snackers and all the guests will love your special treats. Here’s how you make it! 

Witchesbroomstickdessert1What You’ll Need 

  • Small pretzel rods 
  • Mini peanut butter cups 


  1. It’s so simple! Unwrap your mini peanut butter cups and place upside down on a serving plate so the flat side is on top. 
  2. Insert a pretzel rod into the center of the peanut butter cup and presto! Witches broomsticks!  


Serve at Halloween parties for friends or for kids. Use a decorative plate for an extra touch and enjoy the chocolaty and salty taste! Plus, no toothpicks needed! Happy Halloween! 

Photo Credit: April Schallau

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