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Putting together flirty outfits can be tricky during the early spring months, when it can go from warm to freezing and back again in a flash. I shudder just at the thought of wearing dresses or skirts in freezing temperatures. My solution is to pair those shorter hemlines with lots of layers.

Layers in themselves can be tricky. How can you layer without looking bulky? Here’s one way: load up the upper half with layers and balance out the lower half with a sleek bottom. Tighter fitting pieces tend to lock in warmth better, so keep that in mind when putting together your outfit. If I wear tops with more volume, I usually opt for skinny trousers, leather leggings, pencil skirts or bodycon dresses.

DSC 0093

Photo Credit: Desiree Velasquez

To stay toasty while maintaining some sex appeal for this outfit, I layered a Peter Pan collared blouse with a cropped sweater and a curve hugging pencil skirt.

DSC 0097

Photo Credit: Desiree Velasquez

Ok, yes I styled this look to be bare legged, but I threw in some knee-highs that I scrunched at my ankles for some warmth - in addition to a long wool coat. If the socks just aren't practical for you, swap them out for some black tights. The look will definitely be warmer and won’t be compromised by the extra layer.

DSC 0104

Photo Credit: Desiree Velasquez

Lengthening your silhouette will also help balance out a top-heavy look. These Nila booties from Coach are a great option. They have a sexy heel, offer full foot coverage AND are on sale!

DSC 0099

Photo Credit: Desiree Velasquez

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