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lean-beef-can-lead-to-weight-loss-videoPeople often believe red meat is the enemy if you're dieting. Well, we've got an alternative point of view. 

There are a plethora of fitness experts and nutritionists out there telling you their diet plan is the best. How do you know what to believe? Mike Roussell, a nutrition consultant, shares his study on eating lean beef while trying to lose weight. 


Roussell’s Nutritional Journey

Roussell graduated with a doctorate from Pennsylvania State University in nutrition. He also earned a bachelors at Hobart College. Now as he focuses on his company called Naked Nutrition, LLC., his main ambition is to help provide knowledge to those obsessed with a food’s ingredients as much as he is. This is where his journey began about speaking on the importance of eating a lean beef diet.

Beef’s Health Controversy

There are many misconceptions about eating beef due to the fat content or the color. Is eating red meat healthy?

“Red meat can mean a lot of different things,” Roussell says. This can mean anything from processed, different cuts, fresh meat, or even just the type of meat such as lamb or pork.

But, Roussell says we “can incorporate lean beef, 4 to 5.4 ounces per day which can reduce cholesterol by 10 percent.” This is a way to carry on a heart healthy diet if you are trying to avoid cardiovascular disease. How does it work? Well, it's all because of the protein. Adding more protein in your diet will usually aid in a little weight loss every day.

If your weight loss plan isn't working for you, switch it up with something different. Following the fads might lead to disaster. Do what works best for your body. 

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