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lean-in-sheryl-sandberg-book-reviewSheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, has written the book "Lean In," chronicling her move to career success as a woman.

Chief operating officer of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg has written a book named "Lean In," and women are flocking to the book (and bringing a lot of debate too!). The writing centers on being a woman all-around, in the workplace and at home. Sandberg also explores what it is to be a woman.


Throughout her career as chief of staff for the United States Treasury Department (when Clinton was president) and vice president of Google's Global Online Sales and Operations, in addition to holding a director position of Walt Disney company, Sandberg has much to say about being a woman with a career and family.

Sandberg has a website (Leanin.org) dedicated to the book where women can weigh in on their experiences, whether it be requesting a new teacher for their child to a woman raped and testifying against the rapist in court.

Sandberg recalls the experience of getting her job as COO of Facebook in March of 2008. Mark Zuckerberg offered her what she thought was a nice salary after she had interviewed with him for six weeks. When she told her brother-in-law what the pay was, he advised her not to take the first salary offer. Sandberg was wary of not accepting the offer, thinking that she would lose the chance for the position. But at the same time, her brother-in-law pointed out that she was taking a job for less than any man would be paid for. The result is that Sandberg was able to negotiate for higher pay.

The book also highlights views on how girls typically feel; choosing likability over leadership, which is the result of case studies. Other views are that of childcare, flextime and policy reform.

Sandberg's book'Lean In' focuses on how women can be in leadership positions and need to be, balancing out our companies and government.

The stereotypes need to be broken down and women need to be more aggressive and believe in themselves as leaders.

Will you read "Lean in?"


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