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lean-in-from-a-personal-story-to-a-global-movement-video-2The "Lean In" movement is challenging the standards and letting young girls know they have the power to lead.


Sheryl Sandberg is the founder of "Lean In" and to her, it’s important to provide young girls with the tools to realize their ambitions and to help them gain confidence. Sandberg dissects how leadership is viewed between boys and girls and explores why it’s imperative to instill power in young girls.

Sheryl Sandberg is the founder of "Lean In," a support network for women, and is also the COO of Facebook. She’s also the author of "Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead."

Blue vs. Pink 

Sandberg said there is a leadership ambition gap between girls and boys that’s established early on. Girls start believing they are incapable of being leaders as early as junior high. From her examples, she gathers that little girls find out early that boys will lead and will be liked whereas girls are told to not be bossy, and in so many words, speak when spoken to.

Rachel Thomas is a "Lean In" founder and president. She said as a society, we have to challenge the standard and change the dialogue we have in our households. Girls may not be taught to, but are seeking likeability over success.

Girls Rock!

Sandberg, Thomas and the "Lean In" team are trying to bridge the gap, providing young girls with inspiration and motivation to excel in every way, shape, and form. "Lean In" strives for equality in the workplace and for women to advance in their careers.

What are your thoughts on equality between young girls and boys? Do you think it needs to be improved?


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