Leather Pants Styling Ideas1Ideas to style your leather pants.

If you’re stylish, a self-proclaimed fashionista, and like to wear ‘different’ types of garments, then we know you have a pair of leather pants. No?! Don’t think you can? Think they’re dated and out of style? Think again. Don’t be intimidated. You do not have to be rugged and rough to know how to pull off leather pants. If you’re the chic and prissy type, you can wear leather pants just like a biker girl.

iStock 000029890170XSmallThere’s so much to wear with a leather pant. And not just black leather pants. If you try on a pair of red leather pants that are perfectly tailored, it will change your life! To make you more comfortable with a style that is so out-of-the-box, here are a five leather pants styling ideas to try.

1. Classic Leather

If you want to go out in leather pants but in a way that you’re not drawing too much attention, try styling yourself in a classic way. Wear black, skinny, leather pants with a white, v-neck, t-shirt, and a black pump. It’s cute without over doing it. You can always amp up the look by accessorizing with a few of your favorites.

2. Street Leather

If you’re a sneaker type of girl, this is right up your alley. Bring a little street edge to your leather pants with a cool sneaker. You can wear a pair of leather pants (in black or other colors) that are straight leg with a belt, graphic-t or plain-t, and sneakers that have character. What does that mean? It means wearing a unique pair of sneakers Michael Jordan will be jealous of.

3. Chic Leather

If you can find you a pair of high-waist leather pants, you are one lucky girl. High-waist leather pants can be worn with a cropped leather (and sheer) top, a long fitted top that can be tucked in, leotard, and numerous blouses. Slide your feet into some bedazzled flats, wedges, pumps or heel boots.

4. Edgy Leather

Pack on the leather head to toe if you please. The tortured artist look can be something you want to try. Leather jacket, leather pants, a chained and spiked belt with a spiky, leather combats boots and a little tussle of the hair does the trick.

5. Blaze It Out

A personal favorite is to pair black leather pants with a red or teal blazer. A blazer would fit all the above styling ideas for leather pants except for the edgy look.

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