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leonard-nimoy-passes-away-mainPhoto Credit: AP

"Live long and prosper." (or for Trek fans, "Dif-tor heh smusma.")

The famed Vulcan phrase made famous by actor Leonard Nimoy is a beautiful way to summarize how he lived his own life. Nimoy, who followed Mr. Spock as the half-Vulcan, ever logical first officer of the Starship Enterprise on the infamous television show Star Strek, passed away Friday morning at his Bel Air home in Los Angeles. Nimoy was 83. 

His wife, Susan Bay Nimoy, confirmed the star's death, saying the cause was end-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Nimoy announced he had the disease last year, attributing it to his smoking habit which he had given up three decades earlier. The actor was hospitalized earlier this week.

His last tweet is also a bittersweet one.



Though many may remember him best as the cerebral, pointy-eared Vulcan on Star Trek, Nimoy was a classic talent, having pursued directing, poetry, photography and music along with his acting. 

Our thoughts are with Nimoy's family and fans.



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