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  • Let The Stars Tell You What To DIY

    Let The Stars Tell You What To DIY

    Feeling crafty but not sure what you want to make next? Let the stars inspire you and check out these fun do-it-yourself projects organized by zodiac sign.

  • Aries: Tabletop Fire Bowls

    Aries: Tabletop Fire Bowls

    As the first and most headstrong sign of the zodiac, Aries ladies need this tabletop fire bowl in their lives. Learn how to make it yourself via The Garden Glove.

  • Taurus: DIY Felt Succelents

    Taurus: DIY Felt Succelents

    Cozy textures plus inspiration from mother nature make these felt succulents a natural choice for a Taurus home. Learn how to make them yourself courtesy of Aloe & Friends.

  • Gemini: A Pair Of Dramatic Masks

    Gemini: A Pair Of Dramatic Masks

    A pair - or twinned set - of dramatic masks might be the perfect DIY project for the mutable and creative Gemini. Learn how to make them from Circle City Creations.

  • Cancer: Chamomile Salt Scrub

    Cancer: Chamomile Salt Scrub

    Soothing chamomile is perfect for Cancerians, and combined with an invigorating salt scrub it's the perfect summer treat! Learn how to make it yourself courtesy of BuildingOurStory.com.

  • Leo: Gold Leaf Crown

    Leo: Gold Leaf Crown

    What's more appropriate for a regal Leo than a gold leaf crown? Pretty much nothing, which is why crafty Leos should make their own, perhaps using this tutorial from The House That Lars Built.

  • Virgo: Marble Stationery

    Virgo: Marble Stationery

    Virgos love actual paper stationery - everything from complicated day planners to beautifully printed notecards. It speaks to their ability to both organize and communicate. So naturally crafty Virgo women will want to make their own marbleized stationery! DIY courtesy of CupofJo.com.

  • Libra: Balancing Herbal Compresses

    Libra: Balancing Herbal Compresses

    The most balanced sign in the Zodiac should make these DIY herbal compresses that are as balancing as they are beautiful (courtesy of the Beauty Gypsy).

  • Scorpio: Laser Cut Wood Box With Secret Mechanical Lock

    Scorpio: Laser Cut Wood Box With Secret Mechanical Lock

    Scorpios are known for their secrecy, so creating a beautiful adorned box with a secret lock might be the ultimate Scorpio DIY project. Find the directions courtesy of Instructables.

  • Sagittarius: Travel Memory Book

    Sagittarius: Travel Memory Book

    The travelers of the zodiac should love creating these DIY memory books, courtesy of Our Mini Family.

  • Capricorn: Evergreen Candles

    Capricorn: Evergreen Candles

    The long-lasting scent and determined beauty of an evergreen is perfect for nature-loving earth signs like Capricorns, making this DIY candle project an elegant and easy choice (courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens).

  • Pisces: Dream Catchers

    Pisces: Dream Catchers

    Dream catchers are the obvious home decor choice for the dreamiest zodiac sign, and it's easy to make your own. Just check out this tutorial from IndustryStandardDesign.com.

  • Aquarius: Seashell Scrapbook

    Aquarius: Seashell Scrapbook

    A place to record ideas or store memories, all wrapped in a bit of beauty from the sea makes a perfect project for a crafty Aquarius. Courtesy of Cozy DIY.

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