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17936-shoppable-politicsYou don't have to agree with your friends or family's politics, (we're talking to you dad!) to shop for them! You can even go bipartisan when it comes to political gift giving. Here are some great ideas when it comes to buying things for the political junkie in your life. Come November some these could be celebration, or maybe "better luck next time", gifts depending on who wins. (Psst: there is even something for the lingering Bernie fan)

1. Declaration of Independence Tie

17897 declaration tie










Let freedom ring with this important piece of neckwear.

Get it here.

 2. Donald Trump Father's Day Card

17897 trump fathers day card










Make Father's Day great again with this epic card.

Get it here.

3. Marc Jacobs Hillary Clinton T-Shirt

17897 MarcJacobs-Female Hillary shirt










Be fashionable and strong in your political beliefs with this special edition Marc Jacobs tee.

Get it here.

4. Bernie Sanders Brass Copper Earrings

17897 Bernie sanders earrings










Be all ears for the Senator from Vermont with these eclectic earrings.

Get them here.

5. Make America Great Again Tote

17897 donald tote bag










Sport the often-quoted campaign phrase while running errands or on your way to work.

Get it here.

6. Political Suicide The Card Game

17897 political suicide cardgame 









You and your friends can pretend to be politicians by trying to cover up your scandals while at the same time exposing your opponent's. It's sure to make for an exciting Friday night!

Get it here.

7. A Woman's Place Throw Pillow

17897 Womens place whitehouse










This pillow is the perfect touch for any home, whether it's 1600 Pennsylvania Ave or a more simple abode.

Get it here.

 8. Tastes Like Freedom Pint Glasses

17897 tastes like freedom










Drink to freedom and American values with these pint glasses from the GOP.

Get them here.

9. Epic Presidential Art

17897 ronald reagan poster

17897 dubya poster









Combine your favorite President with machine guns, velociraptors, sharks and more, and you get one of these crazy prints.

Get them here

10.  Famous Supreme Court Cases Mug

17897 supremecourt cases winners mug










With 30 famous Supreme Court cases adorning the mug, as soon as you add hot liquid the losers of each case magically disappear. 

Get it here.


Every year around Banned Books Week, the ALA releases their list of the top 10 most challenged (and sometimes banned) titles of the year. The week dedicated to books "under attack" was launched in 1982 in response to a sudden surge in the number of challenges to books in schools and libraries. More than 11,300 books have been challenged since 1982, according to the American Library Association.  This is a slideshow of the top books challenged in 2015.



For moms and dads who have lost a baby to miscarriage, a second pregnancy can be a tough reminder of that deep loss. The idea of looking at this new baby as a rainbow has emerged as parents grasp onto the hope that comes after the emotional storm of loss.

It you have a friend who is having her, or his, own rainbow baby, here are a few gifts that help them celebrate the bundle of joy to come. The rainbow signs pictured above, by the way, are for sale from Easy:ChalkboardPrintables.

17934-rainbow-baby-bodysuitRainbow Baby Bodysuit  (CafePress)

This is as cute as a button and a very subtle way to give a nod to the fact that the new little one is a rainbow baby.


"Here I Am" Rainbow Bodysuit (Etsy)

This onesie uses the colors of the rainbow to share a bit more of the story. 


"Handpicked For Earth" Baby Bodysuit (Etsy)

If you know the gender of the child lost you can select this onsie that is more personal. 


Rainbow Baby Hat (Etsy)

Every baby needs a hat, and this hand-knitted cap will make the perfect accessory for a rainbow baby. 


Rainbow Baby Headband (Etsy)

This chiffon floral headband is, as you can see, picture perfect for any little rainbow darling! 


Rainbow Blanket and Cloud Pillow (Etsy)

These are actually sold as photo props for those newborn photography sessions, but are also the perfect gift for a new mom.


 Rainbow Wrap and Cloud Pillow (Etsy)

Here's another blanket that obviously works for photo sessions. The hand-crocheted blanket is perfect to keep the new baby nice and warm.

And don't forget the mom-to-be...


"Looking At A Rainbow" Maternity Shirt (CafePress)

It was this shirt that caught the eye of another rainbow mom at a local store and she was compelled to share her experience with the wearer. We have the story here: Secret Code Of Rainbows For Moms. This maternity shirt is a great way for moms of miscarriages or stillbirths to share their stories without having to say a word. 


 Rainbow Baby Maternity Sash (Esty)

This sash (there is also headband) is perfect for mommy-to-be to wear and can also be used in newborn baby pictures later on.


Buying the right gift, for the right person is an art form! So for those of you who have friends or family who love movies, we have got a nice lineup of things to buy for them whether it is a Birthday, Holiday or a Just Because kind of occasion.

1. Anthology Candles Scented Soy Candle

17896 Belles Library Candle










You've got the big screen, you've got the surround sound, now you can even smell the movie, especially if you're a big Disney fan. These candles transport you to places like Belle's Library, The Black Pearl or a Wizard's Pub with the strike of a match.

Get it here.

2. "I Speak Fluent Movie Quotes" Key Chain

17896 Speak Movie Quotes










Every time you jump in your car and turn on the engine, you'll look at this key chain and have to say, "I feel the need...the need for speed!" (And if you have no idea what this means, you're probably buying this for someone else.)

Get it here.

3. Horror Movie Director T-Shirt

17896 Horror Directors TShirt










Show off your love of some of the greatest horror directors of all time with this minimalist T-shirt. 

Get it here.

4. Movie Quote Posters

17896 PrincessBrideQuotePoster

17896 ReturnOfTheJediQuotePosterNot only are these beautiful prints of some of your favorite movies (and television shows), but the graphics are made entirely of quotes from the film or show. How cool is that?!

Get it here.

5. Pocket Projector

17896 Mini Projector










Now you'll never be without a way to watch movies, no matter where you are! This pocket projector plugs into any device via an HDMI cord, and includes built-in speakers for an epic movie experience.

Get it here.

6. Movie Buff Game

17896 Movie BuffGame










Put all that movie knowledge to use in this fun trivia game. The best part of this game is it's not question-based so you never need an expansion pack.

Get it here.

7. MoviePass

17896 Movie Pass image










If your life is like Cheers, only instead of a bar your go-to place is the movie theater, then you need MoviePass. It's a subscription service where you pay a low monthly fee to be able to attend multiple movies a month. If you see more than two movies a month, this pass is totally worth it.

Get it here.

8. Movie Reel Glass Accent Table

17896 Movie Reel Table










Outfit your screening room with this beautiful glass and metal accent table. It's perfect for displaying your favorite box set or playing a supporting role to your showtime beverage of choice.

Get it here.

9. Cocktails of the Movies Book

17896 Cocktailsbook

Drink like your favorite characters with this easy-to-follow book for movie buffs and home mixologists. 

Get it here.

10. Psycho Shower Curtain

17896 Psycho showercurtain











Don't forget to check behind the curtain for murderers every time you go to the bathroom.

Get it here


17410 shopping personalityYour style is everything. It determines how you dress, what you carry, and how you present yourself. It can vary depending on your mood, the weather, and where you're going, but there's always a core "look" that you try and emulate. But what if you're looking for new ideas to "switch up" your style? And what if you based it on what your personality is?

Womensforum's has created a Shopping Personality Picker. So simply read the profiles, choose the one that sounds most like you, and have some fun exploring the shopping side of your personality.

17410PersonalityQuirkyWildDo your friends lovingly describe you as "quirky"? Are geeky-cool T-shirts your thing? Are you just a little obsessed with the new Star Wars movie? Up for trying anything anytime?

Click on the photo to learn about your unique shopping personality, then browse a style selection based on your statement look, a cool mealtime accessory, a customized playlist, plus an app that lets you show off your creative side.


Are you everyone's "best friend"? Is your social calendar packed weeks in advance? Are you known for being more a go-with-the-flow type of girl?

Click the photo to learn about your shopping personality and check out a fun playlist to help you get ready for your many events, some major style inspiration, a cool mealtime accessory and the app you need for your busy social life.


Do you have a sweet demeanor most of the time, but a fiery temper that comes out when provoked? Do your friends turn to you for the unfiltered truth and sometimes tough love? 

Click the photo to see more about your shopping personality, the #boss accessories you should be buying, and a Beyoncé-approved girl power playlist to keep you jamming all day and night long.


Do you tend to be misleadingly shy and quiet in social settings? Do you have adventurous friends that you love to tag along with, but somehow manage to enjoy the action from the sidelines?

Click the photo to see more about your one-of-a-kind shopping personality, then check out a customized style guide filled with sweet style and accessories. Plus we've got the app that will become your obsession.


Are you the fashion "It" girl your friends turn to for cool, on-trend style advice? Are you the woman who gives copycats something to steal by adding your own effortless chic spin to simple, basic looks? 

Click the photo to learn more about your shopping personality, plus check out a customized style profile for your boho vibe, an app that'll help you at the farmers market, plus a playlist created just for you.