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It seems as if it's been forever since the activity-monitor-wrist-gadget first came on to the market and you could finally track your steps, distance, and calories you have burned. New health devices are emerging that you will actually want to stick with!

Check out these five new wearables that make it easy for you to keep up with your health.



This wearable device not only feels your burn but helps detect incorrectly performed exercise and gives tips to help you improve your workouts! The Gymwatch is capable of telling the difference between a good full effort-filled rep and a half-bearded one. It uses movement data and math to help you reach personal fitness protection. Buy here

Healbe GoBe


This device is capable of measuring calorie intake without you having to type up everything you ate. The gadget goes for around $300. It uses a sensor to consider the amount of glucose going through you into your cells. In other words, it keeps track of calories consumed and burned as well as your stress and hydration levels. Don't forget that it measures your sleep too! Buy here

MyBrain Melomind


We will admit this device looks a little odd but it claims to be totally awesome. This is a wearable gadget that you wear on your head to rid the wearer of stress. It connects via Bluetooth to smartphones. The app you can download claims to put your brain to sleep in 15 minutes. Check it out here




This interesting gadget sticks to the torso of a baby or young child. It also uses Bluetooth to connect to a smartphone app. It records and logs the temperature of your child. Clearly easier than a thermometer, it is the technology of for the children of today. It can also alert your phone when a fever spikes. However, its not on the market yet due to FDA review. Check it out here

Withings Activite Pop


Finally, we have another... watch-like gadget! Like a watch, this can also tell time, but it also tracks activity and can last on battery for eight months. The app that goes with it can show you detailed information about your activity and the watch itself can show you at a glance how you are doing. You can find it here


Have too many clothes taking up space but you still need something to wear?

We’ve all been in that spot when we needed a new dress for a formal event, and then another for some fun night out, but your closet just can’t handle it.

Womensforum is always on the hunt for the latest ways to update a closet that doesn’t clutter a closet and is easy on the bank account.

So we ventured down to Chicago's Rent the Runway to get the rundown on shopping at a boutique where high-end designs come at a much lower rental price. 


16149-dressing-room-of-the-futurePhoto Credit: Ebay

Dressing rooms are infamous for putting shoppers in a bad mood. Who hasn't tried on clothing just because they didn’t want to see themselves in a poorly lit dressing room? Now retailers are addressing this problem with high tech mirrors that aim to better the shopping experience, and may convince buyers to purchase more.

According to Paco Underhill, a retail consultant interviewed by Dallas News, dressing rooms are “close to miserable.” He told the Dallas News that “there’s bad lighting. They’re dirty. And they have poor service.”

According to Underhill, only 28 percent of shoppers use a dressing room in retail stores. So with all of these odds against them, how are retailors making the change?

The Skinny Mirror

Dressing-Rooms-Of-The-Future-5Photo Credit: BNPS.Co.UK

Similar to those in fun houses, retailers have invested in optical illusion mirrors that aim to make shoppers appear thinner. The Skinny Mirror, a company based in California, creates curved mirrors that, they claim, will take 10 pounds of shoppers. It is believed that since shoppers look smaller, they will feel better about themselves and will purchase more. If that doesn’t seem to please, there’s a plethora of higher tech options.

The Selfie Mirror

Dressing-Rooms-Of-The-Future-4Photo Credit: Rent The Runway/WomensForum.com

E-commerce site Rent the Runway has created mirrors for their brick and mortar locations that aspire to make the shopping experience more personable. The store has become prominent for their formal and upscale clothing that makes a flattering dressing room a necessity.

Womensforum spoke with Dana Weiss of Possessionista.com and a spokesperson for Rent the Runway about the mirrors located in the dressing rooms that offer customizable lighting.

“You can adjust the lighting to see how you’re going to look in that color at that particular occasion," Weiss said. 

And if that isn’t enough, the store offers an interactive selfie mirror!

“My favorite thing is the selfie mirror. You stand there… you type in your email address, you press the button. And then it takes three pictures of you in the mirror so, you can see how your look translates to real life.”

The Personalized Mirror

Dressing-Rooms-Of-The-Future-2Photo Credit: Ebay

For certain retailers, mirrors are an opportunity to take their customers into the future. The most famous retailer to do this is American designer Rebecca Minkoff. Created in part with Ebay, Minkoff’s New York and San Francisco locations house high tech mirrors that aim to create the best shopping experience possible.

At each of the two locations, there is an oversized screen that shoppers can stand in front and digitally browse through merchandise. Also, the customers can receive texts when their dressing room is ready, and once they walk into the dressing room, the mirror can identify the items and display different variations of each piece.

Dressing-Rooms-Of-The-Future-3Photo Credit: Ebay

This technology doesn’t only work for clothing - the Panasonic Smart Mirror allows anyone to customize their makeup or facial hair without ever having to apply product on their face. For more about this mirror of the future, check out WF editor Andrea Metcalf’s review.

So the next time you use a dressing room, thank your mirror - don't fear it!


Shark Week, Aunt Flo, Girl Flu. Whatever you call it, periods have had many nicknames to go with their annoying symptoms. Although we have unique experiences when it comes to our menstrual cycles, many women rely on two products to handle their cycle - tampons and pads.

However, just like our bodies, women’s needs for their period gear are different too. In order to meet this need, companies are creating new alternatives to the standard glad rag that can make women’s lives, and their periods, easier.


Known for being handy and portable, tampons are one of the most popular ways to handle your period, but they also have some serious side effects. We are all aware that they can cause toxic shock syndrome, but with constant use, they can dry your vagina and stop good fluids and bacteria from maintaining a balanced pH.

Also, they are not the most environmentally friendly. An average woman goes through over 11,000 tampons within her lifetime, and those usually end up in landfills. Not only is it a cost on the environment, but it’s also one on the wallet. That woman who uses over 11,0000 tampons also spends over $2,300 on tampons in her lifetime.

For those looking to move away from tampons, but still like a product that is vaginally inserted, there are a plethora of products that get the job done. First is a product that was used years before tampons were even considered.



Now, I know what you’re thinking, a sponge!? Although they seem like an outdated idea, sponges are a hypoallergenic alternative for women who are irritated by tampons. Not only are they an all-natural product, they are reusable and cost effective. Now, one cannot simply go out to the beach and pick up a sponge, rather there are companies that prep their products for use.

Menstrual Cups


If going natural isn’t your thing, there is a product that women everywhere are buying up - menstrual cups. Now this isn’t for the faint of heart. A menstrual cup allows a woman to be up close and personal with her body, but there isn’t any shame in that. Menstrual cups also allow women to understand how much they bleed within a day or cycle with their unique cup design. While many think that they bleed a river, the average woman only bleeds a shot glass worth every cycle.

The suction cup design is easy to use and leak-proof, and can be used for up to 12 hours.

Menstrual cups are also sold in disposable forms. Their benefit is that they fit women of all sizes, including those who’ve had children, and fit high enough in the canal for sex.

Cloth Pads


Photo Credit: ThePeriodStore.com

And now some of you may be thinking, what about pads? They have been a trusty product for years and are usually the first introduction for young girls to period merchandise. But just like tampons, they can be drying and cause a lot of waste. For those who prefer the ease of pads but want a healthier option, opt for cloth pads.

You can go the store route and buy them or do a quick search online to learn how to make your own. Little House Living has a great pattern and instructions on her website. 

Broadening the dialogue and exploring women’s options can liberate us from the generic period experience. Although it doesn’t ease the pain of cramps, having options can make periods more comfortable and easier on our daily lives.