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letting-go-of-your-childrenThere are moments in life that define us as parents. I am experiencing one of them. 

“Enjoy them while they are little. It goes so fast.” 

These were my mother’s words. Like any young parent, I would roll my eyes in response. As far as I was concerned these peanut butter and jelly years would be in my life forever. One day rolled into the next. I was in control and I owned life, didn’t I?

Or so I thought until, one year from the day I packed up and journeyed off to London, I am packing again. The good news is that my husband found a great job after being in the market for 7 months. The anxiety of living in an area that isn’t conducive to his line of work is over in addition to the endless nights away from his family. We are venturing west, into the heart of software. 

On an overwhelmingly sad note, we will be leaving my oldest behind with my mom to enjoy her senior year of high school. It wasn’t an easy decision. We held her back in 2nd grade because she was the youngest in her class. As she blossomed from a wild-eyed determined young girl into a beautiful tenderhearted woman, I could feel the impending chill from the fall season. It was coming. 

Sitting next on her bed, the rush of emotion went through my body as we shared the last moment of living together, mother and daughter.

You see, you were probably more work that the rest of the kids put together,” we chuckled. 

"I put everything I had into you until I looked at the pictures of the two of us and saw the transfer of beauty. My job is nearly complete. I will miss you terribly. The ironic thing is I dreaded you leaving for college. I often wondered how I would live through you leaving the family.  I never pictured the family leaving you.” 

We chuckled amidst the tears that cemented a bond that had taken 18 years to build. 

Life will change. Nothing lasts forever, and now this was the lesson I would be teaching my children. As humans we learn from change. Stepping out onto the ledge, I am obligated to show them that you must make wise decisions, despite the fear and anxiety that accompanies these decisions. My body, hanging on a cliff, I am holding on for dear life. My fingernails are embedded in the will’s desire to resist change. I am slipping and below is the abyss that belongs to a higher power. 

It is all good. I will open my heart, turn this corner, and extend wide arms to a new world that is far too large and too powerful to enjoy in just one lifetime. 

For more of Wendy’s stories and life tips please visit www.lifewithwendy.com. 

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