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life-as-a-mom-presents-its-challenge2Life as a mom can become mundane and repetitive. When a mom has a routine she longs for diversion and excitement. When a mom has too many diversions and too much excitement, she longs for a routine. What is the answer? Can we have it all?

Life as a mom has changed. I am still monitoring to see if it is a good change or a bad change.


Just 2 months ago I was putting my kids on the bus, showering, and heading into London with a group of 20 other moms on the tube to explore a new city. Some days I would head out to a cooking class or an English literature class. Sometimes I would join a tour to explore the town where Charles Dickens wrote his novels, or take a tour of the Queen’s private gardens at Buckingham Palace. On my running days, I would run on the along the River Thames, from the Cotswold’s to London, taking in the view of Hampton Court where Louis VIII married and where they have celebrated 230 years of royal cooking and entertainment. Afterwards it was off to the river cafe to meet my girlfriends for tea and scones. 

Five months later, I in my small town, am driving the kids to school because they missed the bus, cleaning, doing home repair projects, and cooking dinner in preparation for the kid’s arrival from school at 2pm. Once they are home the household piles start with mail, notices, jackets, shoes, and anything else that has accumulated in the backpack. The days become a series of repetitive tasks that fill the space. Most of my girlfriends have gone back to work. Who wouldn’t be depressed?

As the mom in our home, I am the shock absorber as well as the rectal thermometer leaving me feeling like everyone is always up my butt.  My family monitors my emotions and reacts accordingly. If I am happy, they are happy. If I am angry, everyone hides. When I moved back from London, I had about one week to get over my reentry depression. After that, the house began buzzing with the what’s wrong with mom, she needs a life discussion. The idea of teaching yoga, spinning, personal training, and part time work teaching came up. All were good, however I just couldn't rise to the challenge. 

On the other hand, being home does have its advantages. On the flip side, my family has never been as close. The days in the UK where we were dependent for survival have created glue that will indefinitely cement far into the future. My husband is looking for a new job and heavily involved in all aspects of the kids lives. My children still have not left for college and come straight home after school so they can share their day and have a snack.

Looking back, I realize that the other life could not sustain itself; however nice, it was just a good fairy tale while it lasted. Now it is time for Cinderella to lose the glass slipper and turn it in for something more practical, like a new mouse or keyboard. Who knows, the horse and carriage may be out there waiting for me. It is just disguised as our new John Deer lawn mower. 

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