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shutterstock 729721402 CroppedIs there anything that we love quite like man's best friend? Your lovable ball of cuddles is constantly bringing a smile to your face and coaxing you into taking de-stressing breaks by flipping over and begging for rubs. One thing we've noticed? Whether he's playing outside with a ball or flopping down in his favorite nap spot, your dog always seems to be enviably happy and carefree. Check out these life lessons from your fluffy cutie to master the secrets to living that relaxing doggo lifestyle! 

1. Sleep aggressively.


How are you supposed to be your best self if you don't get all the zzzz's you need? Dogs swear by constant naps to keep themselves energetic the rest of the day! 

2. Don't freak out if you make a mistake. 


It's tempting to freak out if you make a mistake, but give yourself a break. Own up to what you did and apologize. Everyone makes mistakes and you will be forgiven! 

3. Give everyone a chance.

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4. Appreciate the simple things in life.


Don't be so focused on that promotion at work or on making more money! The most important things in life are also the simplest. Your family and your friends will bring you the most satisfaction and contentment in life. 

5. Be direct if you want something. 

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There's no use beating around the bush. If you want something, ask for it! Really the worst the person can say is no, so why not go for it? You'll be surprised what you can get just by asking for things. 


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