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With the right handling, snakes make great pets for kids who want something a little different. It's important to note that snakes are not for every kid because of their unique needs, but they make beautiful and fascinating, oftentimes relatively docile, pets with the right care and commitment. Now, snakes, especially the venomous and constricting varieties, come with quite a reputation and enjoy a mixture of fear and respect from the rest of the animal kingdom.

Turns out there are a lot of valuable life lessons you can learn from snakes about coming up on top! Check out our favorites here: 

1. You build your reputation. 

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There's a reason people fear snakes. Let's say you didn't know anything about them - they'd look pretty harmless, right? Just like a snake, you have the ultimate say in the person you become and the way people interact with you. 

2. Size doesn't matter.


Snakes are known for taking on prey many times their size (in some horrifying cases, even cows)! Just starting out at a company or just moved to a new city? Don't get disheartened and keep working to achieve those big dreams.

3. Don't be afraid to change. 


Snakes "moult" or shed their skin on average two to four times a year, although young snakes shed more often. It's easy to feel overwhelmed by big changes in your life. Don't expect yourself to adapt right away. Take the period of transition, but know that you'll come out stronger and much wiser 

4. Loyal to a tee. 


Kill a snake? You'd better run, because his or her mate could be nearby! Snakes are known for going after you if you kill their mate, so another one could be near by ready to chase you down the road. Now, we respect that kind of loyalty! 

5. Differences can be your strength. 


Do you think that snakes let their physical differences from the rest of the animal kingdom, namely their lack of arms and legs, stop them from going great distances? No! They've adapted and some snakes can even "run" really fast, so don't underestimate them.  

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