LIfe of a Girl in Plaid1A life without plaid is no life at all. 

I’m excited about fall too. Yes, I also want to eat and drink pumpkin everything. I love the pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin latte, pumpkin chocolate truffle, “This Pumpkin Walked into a Bar” cereal bar from Trader Joes, pumpkin pie vodka, and pumpkin face emoji. I like spice. I like orange. I like fall. And I like plaid  my favorite fall wardrobe essential.

I live in Phoenix where October is a month of temperature relief and wearing long-sleeves feels like a long time-welcomed luxury. Fall is the best season not only because of beautiful weather or the pumpkin-flavored epidemic, but because it’s the season when I can finally button-down those plaid shirts. Keep reading if you low-five to plaid shirts too. 

plaid skateboardMy First Plaid & Speed Dating

Just like we’ll never forget our first crush or CD, a plaid-loving girl will never forget her first plaid shirt. It was an Urban Outfitter’s canary yellow shirt with pink, gray and soft green stripes. During college I had an Abercrombie camo skirt that I wouldn’t stop wearing until I was sure the thin and faded skirt would unravel during its next wash. Learning to let go is huge, and the Urban yellow shirt is the Abercrombie camo skirt of my mid-to-late 20s. 

I loved this plaid shirt so much that a few years (or so) ago I wore it to speed dating at the trendy sushi restaurant RA on Valentine’s Day. There I sat, with a couple girlfriends, among a bar full of women who looked smoking hot in curve-hugging black dresses and heels. I had dressed more like the single men than the women at the speed dating event, and I was totally whatever about it.

True Feelings of a Plaid Style Obsession

Most girls swoon over dream wedding dresses whereas yours truly swoons over plaid shirts and all the color and stripe variations. Rather than re-pin a Vera Wang wedding dress on Pinterest, my heart races while re-pinning a Free People pin of six plaid shirts hanging by the collar off a tree branch clothing hanger captioned: “Fall time!”

Walking into Madewell must be what my 7-year-old nephew felt like when he walked into Legoland’s “The Big Shop” souvenir toy store. My eyes dart from one plaid shirt to another. I want plaid in black and red, blue and white  and neon. I could wear it every day. Plaid makes me want to do crazy things, crazy things like cut bangs.

Celebrities in Plaid Trends

You know who else likes plaid besides me and only me because I invented it is hot Hollywood stars. During New York Fashion Week, Jessica Alba rocked a T-length, vintage-esque yellow plaid skirt with an edgy leather jacket. Lauren Conrad tucked an aqua-checked plaid shirt into skinny jeans. Vanessa Hudgens made plaid look dirty by wearing an oversized plaid shirt as a dress with high platform sandals and aviator sunglasses. Kourtney Kardashian has hit the streets pairing her plaid shirts with thigh-high black boots.

How to Wear Plaid

Plaid is a timeless fashion trend and stylishly versatile in the following six ways.

  • Keep it casually unbuttoned over a graphic tee tank with short jean cutoffs
  • Make it seasonal for fall by tucking a plaid shirt into cuffed skinny jeans with ankle bootie heels
  • Go for sassy and sexy with knee-high boots or three-inch high black heels
  • Have a hipster day and pair your plaid with denim shorts and Converse sneakers
  • Keep it Cali cool and surfer chic by wearing a plaid shirt with black tights and Rainbow flip flops
  • Accent all plaid fashions with sunnies, wavy hair or a high tight bun, a hot coffee, and attitude

Plaid on. Plaid hard.

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