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lifestyle-is-medicine-living-longer-with-dr-katzDr. David Katz is known internationally for expertise in nutrition, weight management, and chronic disease prevention. Here are his tips for living longer and healthier. 

He is a medical practitioner and researcher at Princeton University and co-creator of the NUVAL food rating system. His new book, Disease-Proof is just hitting the shelves.

I caught up with Dr. Katz to chat about how his new book helps highlight the simple things we can do to live healthier and have better lives.

An Interview with Dr. David Katz

1. How can we help people live healthier?

Dr. Katz: In my new book I introduce the concept that lifestyle is medicine. In the Journal of American Medical Association, they highlighted the top actual causes of death. These diseases including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancers and others are the diseases that kill people. However, there are 10 factors in our control to help prevent these diseases. These are readily discussed in the new book. 

2. What are the top factors that we need to be aware of?

Dr. Katz: Avoiding tobacco use, eating optimally, getting regular physical activity and controlling your weight. You can alter your gene disposition and re-fashion your fate by using your feet, your fork and your fingers.

Don't pick up tobacco with your fingers. Use your fork to eat healthier and move your feet everyday. 80 percent of all chronic diseases can be effected by these simple lifestyle changes. I want people to see more life in their years than more years in their life.

3. What will we see in the book?

Dr. Katz: Simple solutions. We need skill power, not will power to make these changes. One of the easiest skills to do is use an apple as an umbrella. Sensible people keep an umbrella in case it rains, but equally sensible people need to eat an apple everyday. It's a nutritious food snack they can pack everyday with them. You are in charge of the food available to eat, so plan ahead. Apples are a wholesome satisfying food.

Other tips include using the NUVAL system, which is now in 17 supermarket chains across the country. Using the NUVAL system gives you the opportunity to love food that loves you back. You can trade up to a best version of the food you like by using the NUVAL system. But if you're grocers do not offer the NUVAL system, look for other clues like a shorter ingredient list and plug the gaps in your diet with supplements.

The NUVAL system is a rating system for food that uses over 30 nutrient properties to weigh and measure the quality of the food based on sugar, salt, calories, etc. The higher the number is to 100 the better the version of that food is compared to others in the same category.

For more health and wellness tips, check out my website.

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