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ptr-myjellybean-125sqMyJellyBean is an entertaining and stylish website for teenagers. MyJellyBean's mission is to be a girl's "best friend" on the web, providing empowering articles that celebrate what it means to be a teenaged girl. MyJellyBean is a bright, innovative and safe web community of girls who just "wanna have fun." Join thousands of teens each month who visit and read new and interesting articles, gossip and commentary. Visit Website

ptr-womans-work-125sqWomans Work provides access to work for women who want to have a more flexible job be it telecommuting, job sharing, flexible scheduling or part time work, just to name the more popular options. There is a section for employers as well who can use the site to access quality female candidates, highlight their company as an employer of choice for women or ask an HR expert questions. Visit Website

ptr-hugkiss-125sqHug Kiss provides a messenger service to send digital kisses and hugs to best friends, sweet hearts, husbands, wives or whoever you think deserves one. There are loads of other things to send as well, for example, cards, greetings, party invitations, wedding invitations, wedding cards, love letters, friendship letters, happy birthday cards, candy cards and even love fortunes. You may even make your own card to send out. Visit Website

ptr-sex-ed101-125sqSex-Ed101 provides a safe place to share and gather information about the subject of intimacy and all the issues that surround it. There are many support groups and forums to get solid information and support from, as well as articles focusing on things like increasing drive, yeast infection cures, disease prevention, using a female condom correctly, genital herpes, emotional aspects and sexual positions just to name a few. Visit Website

ptr-bestweekends-125sqBest Weekends provides access to some great quick vacation packages that can include flights to interesting destinations, stays in the most exquisite accommodations, fine dining at the sweetest restaurants and exciting activities in the most breathtaking sceneries. The destination overview will give you complete unbiased information about all aspects of your vacation with insider tips, when the best time to go is, how to get around at your destination and all the best things to do when you are ready to paint the town. Visit Website

ptr-chicktrip-125sqChick Trip provides advice and inspiration through personal travel stories by women for women. If you are planning a trip on your own, with your kids or with a group of friends, you will find some great ideas on where to go as a girl in Transylvania, what to see in Sydney and how to tackle a museum visit with your kids in Paris or Berlin. Do you have a dog and need some advice on how to travel with your pet and stay sane? Well this useful site has all the answers for you wrapped in fun travel stories like 'Chewy's Amazing Adventures'. Another great story tells about how fun it is to have the wedding and the honeymoon all blissfully tangled up in a tropical wedding cruise. Visit Website

ptr-msmoney-125sqMs Money provides valuable and important financial advice and tips to help women understand and manage money, savings, life-planning, big purchases, debt reduction, career planning and wise investing. A good place to start is the financial health quiz that will allow you to see where your weak points are in all of this. The life purchases section can really be a great help in what to do and what not to do when you are buying something like a car, house or insurance which are investments that could after all, make or break your financial future. Furthermore, the career management section is something that is an extremely valuable source to arm you for today's more competitive economy and can give you a glimpse of how stable your choice in your current career direction might be. There is also some good advice about how to handle your education plans if that's what you are currently striving for. Visit Website

ptr-beingwoman-125sqBeingWoman.net provides a thoroughly well rounded approach to women's health and wellness taking in every aspect that could be connected to the woman as a whole person. Things addressed on this site are body and soul connection, cosmetic or outside beauty, physical fitness, gynecology and fertility, sexual health, and love and relationships. All of these areas can be extremely important to a woman and her vitality and are explored in very informative articles and advice columns. Visit Website

womenshealthsymptomsIt’s sometimes hard to find reliable health information specifically for women on the web. So, are there any reliable women's health websites out there? Womenshealthsymptoms.com is the ultimate place for topics like menopause, fitness, GYN health, mental health, and skin care. Whether you need resources for losing weight, allergies, or fitness ideas, Womenshealthsymptoms.com has it all.

womans-outdoor-lifeWomensOutdoorLife.com provides pretty much all the information a woman who loves the outdoors could need. The vast array of subjects WomensOutdoorLife.com covers include bicycling, golf, gear, fishing and boating, among other outdoor activities that women may want information on. The articles are frequently posted and there’s a ton of content.

womans-resourceWomansResource.com is “the ultimate guide to what woman are talking and writing about on the web.” WomansResource features frequently updated articles on a wide variety of subjects and provides reading material for just about any woman.

ptr-stylesizzle-125sqStyleSizzle is for the fashion, beauty and style-obsessed gal who loves a daily dose of glamour but has a real woman's budget. You'll get plenty of fashion tips, style inspiration, beauty product reviews and posts showing you how to rock the latest fashion trends. And, you'll even find great lifestyle reads featuring luxurious places to travel and sizzlin' recipes, too.  Visit Website