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The viral video #LikeAGirl was arguably one of the most popular online videos of last summer... and now the inspirational message is about to reach an even bigger audience.

The video, which has been viewed more than 80 million times worldwide, will play during the biggest sporting event of the year: the Super Bowl.

The powerful video highlights the positive and negative stereotypes the phrase "like a girl" can create.

When teenage girls, older women and boys were asked to demonstrate how to "run like a girl" or "fight like a girl," in the clip, they flailed their arms around as they ran and awkwardly slapped rather than throwing strong and powerful punches.

The video shows a stark contrast when prepubescent girls aged 10 and under were asked to do the exact same thing... but instead ran as fast as they could and hit as hard as they could.

The message could reach over 100 million people when it airs this Sunday, as last year over 110 million people worldwide tuned in. 

Fama Francisco, the vice president of Always Global, said they had been thrilled with the response to the video -including over 54 million online views alone for the English version - but determined that the most-watched television event of the year could take the message even further.

"We've only reached one-half of our girls in the United States and... even fewer boys and men with the message, so I think with such a powerful message like this and the fact that we know it's already making an impact and changing perceptions, there's no better platform than the Super Bowl."

Franscisco also added that the power of the video is twofold. It illuminates the very real issue of the drop in self-confidence that teen girls go through during puberty and how attitudes can shift just by watching the video.



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