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My linen closet started out as a disaster zone!

The more I looked into my linen closet, the more I couldn’t stand the mess. Hair products everywhere, boxes of empty feminine products lying around, makeup pallets tossed around - it was bad! It was time to step out onto the enemy camp and attack! I went from a totally disheveled closet to an organized yet cute linen closet that I wouldn’t mind people seeing! Try some of my organization hacks that will save your linen closet!  

What I Used 

  • Baskets
  • Extra makeup bags
  • Plastic bins. These are only a couple bucks and can save you space big time! 
  • Storage drawers
  • Hooks

1. Strip the Closet

 If there's something you haven’t used in months, throw it away. Also check expiration dates on some items like acne face wash. If it's old, it's trash. You should also check your makeup and nail polish. Items like top coats or mascara get old and goopy really fast. 

2. Get Organized

I kept items with similar items so I knew where everything was. I have a ton of baskets that I use for decorative purposes so I decided to use them productively. I used one for all my hair care products that I use on a daily basis like hairspray, blow dryer, brushes, and so on. I also closet-organization-11425have a large wicker basket where I placed all my extras. 

3. Use Smaller Plastic Bins

You can fill these up pretty quick then stack them at the top of the closet. I also bought a set of plastic drawers where I keep items like medication, vitamins, toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc. 

4. Use hooks On the Walls

I have a jewelry box for all my necklaces but they always get so tangled. So I put up some hooks (they don’t damage your walls, so they are perfect for an apartment or dorm) and hung my jewelry! Also very easy access! 

It’s true I got rid of some items, but now I have a ton more room for storage! Everything is still there, just better organized and not out in the open. Try some of my organization hacks and get to work on your closets! 

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