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lisa lampanelli 
Photo Credit: Splash

Lisa Lampanelli is one of the most high-profile insult comics. She is known for her outrageous pot shots at celebrities as well as references to her own weight and sexuality. She has been a regular on Comedy Central’s celebrity roast and her most recent role, Frozen on Broadway.

If you haven’t seen Lisa in a while you might not recognize her now. She is looking good these days! She has lost one hundred pounds since having her gastric sleeve surgery in 2012. Lisa said “I turned back the clock. I’m reliving my life. I just felt like I was nineteen again and can do things over.”

Lisa’s weight issues started back when she went to college. She said she felt younger then everyone there and wasn’t really ready to start college at that time. She started emotionally eating and using food as medication. That cycle started her thirty-year struggle with weight and body image problems.

Now a new, thinner and happier Lisa has said that her key to maintaining her slimmer figure is avoid emotional eating. “Every day, I wake up and ask, Am I hungry?”

"If I'm physically hungry, I eat something that's hopefully good for me, and then do it again in a few hours. If I get a phone call I don't like, I'll say to myself, 'Is that the reason I want to eat something?' If it is, I try not to do it. It's literally a lifestyle."

She has made other big changes too, taking summer classes at Yale's drama school, getting a divorce, and shifting the focus of her stand-up routines. Lisa said “I still do the same kind of comedy, but underneath, there are more true stories - more of a message of I'm still working on myself and you guys can, too.”

Applause to Lisa!  What a loser!

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