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national-parksThe Perfect Family Getaway

The beginning of school and the end of summer are almost here and most people want to use their Labor Day Vacation as one last opportunity to get out before autumn.  A great idea is to check out a list of national parks to see which are in your area, and make a day or weekend trip. It is usually very cost effective and there are some beautiful areas of the country available if you take the time to enjoy them. Some of the best national parks may be right near home.

Planning A National Park Labor Day Vacation

It may be necessary to find a list of all national parks so that you can get an idea where you want to go. Lists usually include such tidbits as available camping, specific sites to be seen and trails within the park. Whether you are going to take a day trip or spend the weekend, there are sure to be some national park treasure troves right outside the door.

Most Famous National Parks

The two best known in the national park chain are Yosemite and Yellowstone.  Many consider them the best national parks for their diversity. If you have the time to see either one of these parks it is worth it to spend a few days in either one. With miles of hiking trails that will only take you a relatively short distance from your car, it is easy to see some of nature's wonder without having to expend a great deal of effort. Another on this list is the most visited national park in the United States.  Great Smoky Mountain National Park is famous for bear jams and mountain vistas. On a list of national parks it is one of the first people will see because it is accessible and friendly for visitors.  By the way the bear jams occur when there is a traffic jam caused by some of the numerous black bears that populate the park. Other famous parks are Grand Canyon in Arizona, Glacier in Montana and Everglades in Florida. They all have unique scenery and give tours to the less adventurous.

Little Known National Parks

Many states have at least one national park and all have national monuments.  There is probably one that you may never have even considered that is within a few hours' drive.  Some of the best offer sites that one never considers when they are looking for a place to go on vacation. Channel Islands National Park is considered a part of the state of California, but it is actually just off the coast near los Angeles. Several islands have unique sea life and trails that show great views of the Pacific Ocean.  Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas is home to some of the most impressive natural geothermic springs outside of Yosemite.  Acadia in Maine has some of the most pristine forests and beautiful rocky shoreline that any one could imagine. Whatever your natural wish, there is a national park that can serve it.

So, when deciding where to spend the last, true, weekend of the summer try looking at a list of all national parks. The variety and availability will surely astound you.

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