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Gratitude First, All Else Will Follow

We certainly spend wads of money at every single twist and turn of our busy consumer driven life path. It's a constant shelling out for this item and putting that fantastic new gadget on credit or lay-away-buying the children's birthday gifts because we haven't got enough cash. What's wrong with this picture?

The problem is that the retail sector is geared to keep you just over broke or if they really had their way, absolutely penniless and in debt! Why is it that the current generation simply has to have everything NOW? There is no doubt that we are living in an instant gratification society. For those people that have had enough of the money merry-go- round; a basic list of ways to save money will definitely help you to disembark and take a new ride that doesn't just keep spinning slowly around in circles of debt and buying before the money is there to spend.

The first way to save money is to change the way you think about money and finances in general. If you believe that you never have enough money or cash; then guess what? You never will have enough money! This is the basic law of attraction.

So make the first list you create the list of plenty.  What do you already have that you are thankful for?  What needs are well satisfied with the choices you have made already.  Start showing appreciation for the positives in your life and you will get more of the 'stuff' you are grateful for and like. Guaranteed!

Now with that important point noted; let's get back to the crux of the matter:

List of Ways to Save Money.

  • Shop around for the things you use on a daily basis. You know the old saying; let your fingers do the walking? Well; the internet is the perfect tool for finding bargains, end of season clearances, seconds, specials, stock taking, coupons, vouchers and lots of other ways in which to save. Take a look around and start saving!
  • Shop only if you need to shop for the things you need
  • Shop with a list to remind you to buy only what you came for.
  • Go to garage sales, markets, thrift shops, discount stores and also arrange to swap goods and services with your neighbors, friends and family; as someone else's trash is another's treasure.
  • Look for ways to save money on your utilities and frequent expenditures. Find the cheapest phone and internet deals, turning off appliances when not in use and generally being money conscious regarding making good choices financially. More often than not by being more aware of conserving energy, not only will you save money but you are also doing your part in helping the world environmentally.
  • Consider that letting go of some little things is worth the trade for gaining something big.  The dollars you spend on coffee or (blush) cigarettes, set aside and allowed to accumulate will take you to a vacation paradise next winter.  Worth it?  You decide.

It's certainly important to know how to survive in a recession, but it's even more significant that we strive to preserve our resources, and to use them for the things that truly matter, not just personally but as a world citizen.

Do your best by enjoying what you already have and to choose what you will have in the future wisely.  So remember, gratitude first and all else falls into place.

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