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A lifetime of healthy eating habits and a love of cooking can and should be started at a young age - and that starts with what kids are taught by their parents in the kitchen and at the table. However, as a busy parent juggling tons of responsibilities, you might find it difficult to even find to the time to make a healthy meal yourself, let alone the time to teach your kids to cook (especially if you are not exactly a master chef yourself).

But there is one thing you can definitely do - and that's instilling the importance of eating a balanced diet that includes all the food groups. You can do this by showing your kids how to make nutrition a normal part of their lives.

Show And Tell

One thing that inspires kids to eat well is modeling good nutrition yourself. As a parent, it's not just enough to be healthy and in good shape, you have to first tell your kids why taking care of themselves is important, and then show them the kind of behaviors you would like to see.

This means preparing healthy meals and finding snacks that contain whole ingredients (including fruit and veggies), making exercise and regular physical activity a priority, and enjoying healthy snacks on a regular basis.

Good Eating Habits Start Young

We're not all raising the next Gordon Ramsay or Julia Child (or even Rachel Ray), but you can definitely start teaching your kid(s) how to hold their own in the kitchen at an early age. Besides, what avid home wouldn't want their own sous chef-in-training to help out?

What's more is that knowing how to cook, having a general understanding of good nutrition, and being able to prepare healthy and balanced meals will set your kids up for success and good health in the long run. And you can show them that you don't necessarily have to prepare everything from scratch! There are some convenient options (hint: our sponsor, Del Monte, offers plenty) that cut down on prep time and are still tasty and good for you.

Moreover, making sure your main meals are healthy and well balanced isn't enough. Snacks are often where even the best laid diet plans fall apart, so showing your kids some healthy options for quick and easy snacks is just as important as getting them their three squares per day.

Provide Healthy And Easy Snacking Options

Most kids love candy, cookies, and all sorts of sweets - and it's unlikely that your kid is an exception. However, there are plenty of options that are just as delicious yet provide actual healthy nutrition as well! These include nuts and almonds, veggies with hummus, peanut butter or cashew butter, a piece of fruit, or even a stick of string cheese.

Our sponsor, Del Monte, offers plastic Fruit Cup snacks that are definitely a great, healthy option as well! Not only are they made with real fruit juice, the tasty combinations of various flavors can inspire them to experiment and try different types of foods in general, making Fruit Cup snacks an excellent, convenient food option as well as an opportunity to teach your kids about a healthy, well-balanced diet. And that's what really inspires your little chefs to have big ideas!


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