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One of the best parts of playing with your doll is experimenting with her hair and putting it into different hairstyles. That is, unless you are a little girl with natural hair growing up playing solely with dolls with hair and features that do not resemble yours.

Mom Angelica Sweeting was heartbroken when her daughter told her that she wished she had her doll's smooth blonde hair and started expressing distaste for her own features. Sweeting created "The Angelica Doll," a doll with gorgeous natural hair that you can wash and style (yes, you can curl, bantu knot, and twist this doll's hair) and features that are more typical for women of color. 


On her Kickstarter page, Sweeting wrote, "As I began to develop 'The Angelica Doll' and give serious thought to the things I wanted to do for young girls, I realized that I had been influenced by society’s standard of beauty for as long as I could remember. Here I am – 27 years old, and I am honestly just beginning to walk into who I am, my natural beauty ... I want this to happen for all the young girls who never felt pretty enough because of their kinks, curls, wider noses or fuller lips."

If you are interested in The Angelica Doll, make sure to visit Sweeting's Kickstarter page

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