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Little Mermaid Gets Plastic Surgery Photo

little-mermaid-gets-plastic-surgeryAriel, the Little Mermaid Has Gotten Plastic Surgery.

And we're pretty sure the Little Mermaid did not need plastic surgery! I remember when The Little Mermaid came out and my 18-year-old brother said, "That little mermaid is hot!" Well apparently she wasn't hot enough, for the little mermaid is pictured in a Venezuelan plastic surgery clinic (called Clinica Dempere) ad with notably larger "tatas" and a little other nip and tuck.

The Little Mermaid plastic surgery procedures picture hinted of breast augmentation, lip plumping, cheek bone shaping and sexier legs. The Little Mermaid is pictured complete with stilettos as well, poking out from her mermaid tail and with her fin removed.

As if Hollywood's portrayal of Disney princesses' bodies is unrealistic enough, now the plastic surgery company's advertising campaign's slogan is "We make fairy tales come true." Also under the knife in their ads are photos of a Frog prince and Evil Witch.

Using the Little Mermaid to Promote Plastic Surgery?

In an ever worsening era of distorted body image issues and more young women (even teens) getting plastic surgery than ever, it seems that using the girls' endearing cartoon characters to advertise plastic surgery only makes matters worse.

The cosmetic surgery clinic is trying to show off their services in a cute way, of course. Yet something seems a bit wrong, as people are a bit shocked and even upset about the pictures.

Girls more than boys struggle with body image frequently because of pressures to look a certain way. And when they feel inadequate, they can suffer depression, eating disorders, and poor performance in school. We want our girls to have good friendships with their peers and a healthy, good, self image.

So what do you think about the Little Mermaid plastic surgery ad? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

Shannon Walker
Shannon Walker

Greetings Womensforum.com Readers :-),

I am so happy to be writing for Women's Forum on issues that affect women.

Being a mom of four, (including three teenagers) has its challenges.  But as crazy as life gets I just try to take life one day at a time and seek out the humor whenever possible.

I have a journalism degree from South Dakota State University and had high aspirations to be a writer, but then I had children.  So, I was a stay at home mom and worked as personal trainer and water aerobics instructor to get out of the house while the kids were young.  Which brings me to the present, where now I can actually do what I love: writing and drawing!  And writing for Womensforum.com has been very rewarding.

I hope you are educated and humored by the articles I write.  Womensforum.com is committed to providing a fulfilling resource of information for women, whether single, married or single moms.


Shannon Ritter Walker

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