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You can learn a lot from your feline friends - from their meows and kitty winks to their simple catnaps on sunny windowsills.

Cats are the epitome of the laid-back life; everything for them seems so effortless and cool. Humans, on the other hand, live lives filled with so many responsibilities and daily tasks, things can seem a little hectic. We see a curled up kitty and often think, “Why can’t I have that life?”

Honestly, you can!

All you have to do is look to cats for inspiration on how to live the good life.


Rest & Relaxation

Anytime can be nap time, and anyplace is a suitable spot for it! Well, OK maybe not every single place - cats get off easier than us in that department. The point here is that after a long and hectic day, a good ol' hang out on the couch or lying out in the sun can be all you need to refresh and unwind. 


You don’t need to shout, screech, or bark to get a message across. Take a note from kitty communication techniques that are subtle but powerful. We're social creatures who enjoy a good conversation, and keeping things "pawsitive" makes that convo all the better!

Friends & Family

Love them, be there for them and you'll get love and respect back. Cats may seem more aloof than other animals, but just like in real life, you have to work hard for some gratification. And what is more gratifying than a kitty coming up to you for a good snuggle?


Making Choices

Need to make a decision but not sure what the best answer is? Just ask yourself this: what will help you live well? As long as you make decisions each day that move you towards the good life, whatever that means to you, then life will be pretty "purrfect" (yes, we had to go there). Some cats may be particular, but they get what they want and you should too. 

Letting Loose

Pawing things, scratching things, whipping things with their tails, cats finds ways to entertain themselves with what's on hand. Here's a note for humans: don't wait for the perfect activity or that special day, find a way to play wherever you are. If you're not sure what you want to do, watch a cat or even cat videos (the internet is full of them). Science says just watching cats play helps depressed people feel better and makes you more productive.



Keeping an eye on cats teaches you one thing, how to land on your feet. Aim high! No bookcase or idea of yours is too tall to conquer. Life is for living and climbing to the top, right? Go for it.  


Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself! A little hiss never hurt anybody. With the right walk, talk and tail swish (well, you get the idea), you'll not only look good to others, you'll feel great yourself. Cats sure lack confidence, said no one, ever. These four-legged pets get away with so much because they know how to strut. 

Loving Yourself

And speaking of feeling great about yourself, there is no such thing as too much “me” time. Here is where we can truly learn a thing or two from a cat. Watch them stretch out and enjoy the feeling of their own fur. Who can watch that tail stretched, belly-up sunbathing and not be inspired to enjoy the simple life.

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