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Going green isn't just a trend, it's a lifestyle for Sara Snow, a member of the Tom's of Maine Team who specializes in living a low-impact life. Snow was born and raised in Ann Arbor, MI in an eco-friendly home designed to limit waste and reuse items.

Today, she talks about decluttering, recycling and upcycling with Tom's of Maine and Terracycle.

Besides adding a touch of organization to your home, recycling products that are beyond repair helps prevent excess waste and overflow in landfills. From your kid's room to your kitchen, Sara has provided a quick list of suggestions designed to declutter:

  • Turn dirty dish towels into cleaning rags that can be used to mop up spills or wash windows
  • Use an old glass jar as a new container for food. They are BPA free and can help reorganize the fridge
  • If you're looking redecorate, use items that already exist in the home
  • Turn unused flower pots into spaces that store old art supplies, spoons or accessories

By following these tips you can do your part in restoring the planet while making your home a more organized place.

According to Sara in 2014, parents bought over 3 billion toys and about half of those toys are being thrown in landfills. To prevent further waste, Tom's of Maine and Terracycle teamed up together to create a program that allows parents to order an empty box and ship it back full of wasted products. From there, the products they sent in are turned into things like park benches or playgrounds. For more information visit terracycle.com/en-US/.

"It's a really cool learning experience for your kids," said Sara. "The broken toy items we are no longer using can be turned into something beautiful."

Sara also practices the art of upcycling. This means she often reuses items in their original state for a purpose they were not intended for. Some examples include turning glass bottles into lamps or using an old mirror as a serving platter. It's a means of redecoration if budgets are limited or space is cramped. 

For more information on how you can upcycle, recycle and reuse, visit Sara's blog at sarasnow.com.

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