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living-with-mold-in-your-houseMold Illnesses Are Serious Business

Some may find the topic of household mold rather gross, but it does happen in more homes and businesses than you are probably aware of. The growth of mold is easy to develop, and once you have it, you must complete the preventative measures to control it at once. Mold growth not only reduces a home's value, it can also cause serious health problems, especially for the very young and the very old. Are you living with mold in your house?

How to Check Your Home for Mold

Keep in mind that mold can grow in any home, anywhere, even if you live in a hot, dry area like Pheonix or Las Vegas. Of course, if you live someplace humid like Seattle, Pittsburgh or Boston you can definitely have a growing mold problem. Checking for mold is as easy as buying an at home kit. They are pretty inexpensive especially considering they have the ability to save your life in the end!  

There are some factors that increase the chance of household mold. In the event you have a leak somewhere in the building, patching it soon it crucial. A musty basement smell is a good sign there is mold already present, and those with an open roof from a leak construction projects can certainly have mold. Warped wood flooring, chipping or crackling of the paint on the walls, lots of plants around the home, gutters that are blocked, bad ventilation, washer or dryers that are not rooted properly outside can all result in mold growing with ease. The issue other than the fact that mold is ugly and smells bad, is that it can be very unsafe for you and your children.  

Toxic Mold Symptoms

  • Allergy issues: Some assume it is the weather, but in most cases, it is actually mold that irritates your allergies. A runny nose, eyes that seem watery or are itchy, coughing, wheezing, sneezing and sore throats are all related to mold. Asthma is very common as a result of mold as is sinusitis.  
  • Irritability: The fungus that is produced as a result of mold can cause other more serious ailments. If you are getting headaches on a regular basis, it may be time to have that mold test on your home. Having a lower attention span, feeling dizzy or even problems concentrating on your daily activities can be from mold issues.
  • Invasive Ailments: This is rare, but it does occur, usually in people that have an already existing immunity disease. These people can develop an infection as a result of mold. Anyone that already takes some form of immunity suppressive medications is more susceptible to mold-realted illness. They can develop Cladosporium, Mucor, Rhizopus or Aspergillus.

Get a mold test done by a local service or buy one of the home do it yourself kits to ensure you and your little ones are mold free and safe. If you do find that there is mold in your home, contact a professional to fix the problem immediately.

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