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longhairdonationsforcancerpatientsheaderDonating hair for wigs for cancer patients.  

So you have long hair and have decided you want to have it cut short. Now the question is, what do you plan to do with the hair that you cut off? Do you plan to just let it be discarded like yesterday's trash? Instead consider donating hair to a worthy cause that helps create wigs for cancer patients. There are wonderful non-profit agencies that accept long hair donations for cancer patients.

Non-Profit Agencies Helps Create Real Hair Wigs for Cancer Survivors

Pantene Beautiful Lengths is a non-profit organization that was created to supply women battling cancer with wigs made from human hair. Other worthy organizations that supply wigs made from human hair are:

  • Locks of Love
  • Children with hair loss
  • Childhood Leukemia Foundation
  • Matter of Trust

Which one of these is best for you? Are there other ones out there? One of the best places to find out this information is right here on the internet. Once you have found the organization that you wish to donate your hair to, there will be certain guidelines that you and your beautician will be required to follow in order to make the donation. Here are the hair donation guidelines that Pantene Beautiful Lengths have for their human hair donations.

  • Hair should be freshly washed, and clean.
  • They will accept perm or colored hair if the hair color wasn't done over bleached hair (see below for details on bleached hair).
  • They require hair to be 8 inches or longer
  • Hair must be in a ponytail or braid rubber-banded on the top and the bottom
  • Hair should only be 5% gray
  • They won't accept hair that has been bleached due to the chemicals that are used
  • Curly or wavy hair is acceptable and can be straightened to meet the length requirement

As was stated above, these are the guidelines for the organization Pantene Beautiful Lengths. Other organizations will have different hair donation guidelines for you to follow. For example, some of these organizations have a minimum requirement that can be as long as 12 inches in hair length. It is important to follow the guidelines put forth by the organization that you chose to donate to.

Long hair donations for cancer patients are a very worthwhile thing to do--so worthwhile that once you've done it, you might actually decide to let your hair grow to the necessary length again so that you can make another donation in the future. Remember, donating your hair to cancer patients is a way to help them feel as if they have a sense of normalcy back in their lives, even if its just through a wig made from human hair.

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