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of many a reunion, party or family gathering because people generally gravitate toward the subject of relationships. Do you have any long lost friends you are looking for? No worries; a simple search online and bingo...there's your long lost friend in all his/her glory! Well, that's another entire subject matter!

Long lost friends have been the theme of many a blockbuster movie with countless stories of hardship, love lost and found; lots of family skeletons and secrets as well as some amazing life changing transformations. Just how do you go about getting in touch with those long lost friends that have managed to slip under the radar? Long lost friends often don't mean to disappear without a trace; but rather get caught up with life and just move on. Still, getting in touch with your long lost college friend, ex-flat mate or long lost best friend from grade school is relatively simple and painless, so long as you know where and how to start.

The internet is the perfect tool for finding long lost friends and classmates by using search sites that enable you to carry out a name search or a reverse phone search. These are aptly known as a people search service and are easy to use as it's simply a matter of inputting your lost friend's name to search for details including contact numbers and other relevant information.

What else can you do to try and locate your long lost friends?

  • Go to the original source of the relationship. For example for a long lost work colleague try getting in touch with the employer or workplace to see if anyone knows of your friend's whereabouts.
  • Try an internet search like Google using the person's first and last name along with any specific identifying personal information such as the name of the high school he/she attended. The Web is great for tracking down all kinds of people and information.
  • Place a low key classified ad in the local paper if you believe your pal is still living in the area. Likewise place an ad in special newsletters and also check new interest groups if your lost buddy had an interest you know of.
  • Believe it or not online chat rooms and message boards can close the distance gap tremendously as the online community brings the whole world straight to your personal pc. You never know that new friend you're chatting to may know a friend of a friend that knows your long lost friend!

Finding your long lost friend isn't as daunting as you thought and it's not an impossible task if you get organized and start looking as soon as possible. That way you don't let another year or two...or ten escape. Good luck with your lost friend treasure hunt!

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