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longevity-calculatorCan We Live Beyond One Hundred Years?

Living a full and lengthy life is a goal for just about everyone. There are some key ways to do it right. There are also things to avoid that may take years off of your life. Thankfully, by using the internet for just a few minutes, you can test your own lifestyle with a longevity calculator and see just how long you may live.

5 Key Factors for Longevity

  1. Have healthy habits: Do not smoke or drink excessively. Alcohol is a way many like to relax after a hard day, but it can also be very poisonous should you use it in excess. For example, one that drinks a glass of wine with their dinner may not be taking years off of her life, but someone that drinks a fifth of vodka each week may certainly be doing damage to her liver and other organs. Smoking causes cancer and can ruin your lungs and heart, and even make your skin look bad.  
  2. Eat what you should be eating: Your parents always told you as a child to eat those veggies and not too many sweets, and that is one rule of thumb that has always prevailed over decades. If you choose to consume many fresh vegetables and fruits along with healthy proteins and fats, you can easily add years to your lifespan.  
  3. Exercise: You either hate it or adore it, but one thing is for sure: everyone needs exercise. Your body craves movement. When it doesn't get it, then it begins to have health issues such as joint pains and stiffness in the muscles. Walk at the very least a few times each week for lowering your blood pressure and to keep excess weight off.
  4. Vitamins: They may be small is size, but they are a force to be reckoned with. Take a multivitamin everyday, and add those additional supplements in too if you know your body needs them such as fish oil and iron pills.
  5. Peace and joy: Stress is a killer; it begins to seep through your brain and take over when you are consumed with it. Steer clear of having a stressful life. Have a job you enjoy doing, take time out to spend with your family, and most importantly, take time out for you as well.

The longevity game is a new way of testing out your skills. Many people are seeking some method that can actually predict how the body will age. This game can be found on the web, and it is quick and gives you an answer that may surprise you. There will be a series of questions to respond to, then from there you must choose the answer that closely coincides with your lifestyle. Check it out today and start changing your habits for a longer life!

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