Clothing Can Create an Optical Illusion - Good or BadCreate the Fashion Illusion That You Want

That cute puffy sleeved polka-dot outfit might look nice on the rail thin mannequi in the window, but on a real woman it can create an optical illusion that she's rounder than she really is.  What about the short sales lady in the shoe store whose clothing creates a good optical illusion, making her look taller?  These are classical examples of clothing creating an optical illusiongood or bad.

Clothing Can Help You Look Slimmer

We have all seen the effects of good and bad optical illusions created by clothes. Clothes can help you look slimmer or heavier than you are.  The one thing most people fail to consider when dressing for the day is whether their bodies fare better or worse in the clothing they choose to wear.  Many women are more focused on having name brand clothing rather than picking an outfit that enhances their appearance and helps them look slimmer.

  • Patterns and colors – If you’re wearing loud colors in horizontal, plaid or checkered patterns, you’re not looking slimmer. Especially if you are slightly overweight.  Those little extra rolls and folds will be unfortunately enhanced with bright, oddly patterned clothing.
  • If you’re already short, this will make you look even shorter.  Only tall, thin women are complimented with such patterns, since they look better on people with few curves and undefined shapes, such as the models who sell them.
  • Restrictive outfits – If you'd like to look slimmer,avoid wearing clothes that are too tight, even if you have a little extra weight.  Form-fitting clothes, no matter the color,risk outlining what you don't want to emphasize.
  • If you don’t want those dimples in your thighs and hips to show, stay far away from spandex sweater type fabric below the waist.
  • Thinner, short women can wear spandex since the optical illusion they get is height.
  • But when tall, very slim women wear spandex or tight clothing, they risk creating an optical illusion of malnourishment.
  • Waistline definition – Defining your waistline with a belt can often cause you to look shorter. The effect can be unflattering unless carefully crafted.
  • Belts create a different optical illusion for tall slim women than curvaceous women.
  • Belts will create the illusion of curves on tall, thin women.
  • If you’re a curvaceous woman, a belt of the same color, thin and not too tight placed properly may help you look slimmer.
  • But a large color contrasting belt will likely make your proportions look larger.
  • If you must wear a belt, wear a belt the same color as your pants or skirt,
  • Try to find belts that are worn on top of clothing, like loose hanging belts, which are much better.

Clothing with optical illusion designs like abstract lines and strange patterns are a big fashion mistake for short or heavy-set women.  Clothes with multiple bright and bold colors and odd designs work best on medium height or taller, thin women—on them this is quite a flattering optical effect.

Clothing with slimming optical effects are usually single hued separates.  Black, blue and dark brown clothing create a slimming optical illusion. But don't completely avoid colors like a deep and flattering red, rust, fushia or forest green.  Complimenting your skin, hair and eye color go a long way. Dark clothing with simple vertical stripes can also create a slimming and lengthening effect that makes a women look both taller and thinner.

Clothing that creates an optical illusion helping you look slimmer is worth spending a little extra money on.  Optical illusions created by clothing can be a wise fashion choice or a disastrous one people will joke about.  With these minor fashions hints you can look your best by choosing clothes that enhance what you have and hide what you don't want to flaunt.

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