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lose-weight-playing-with-kidsTrick Yourself into Weight Loss by Playing Games with Your Kids!

That's right!  You can lose weight! Many of us struggle with the guilt of not engaging our children in play other than simply caring for them.  Moms tend to get caught up in doing the "boring" stuff when raising children.  Just as it is hard to carve out time for exercise, playing with our children can be a challenge.  But fortunately, you can combine the two and lose weight while playing with kids. Here are some ways that you can spend even 20 minutes to a half hour each day to play with your children and burn calories.

Top Ways to Burn Calories with Your Children

I recently visited my sister who has three toddlers and much work to do with her online business.  So as "auntie," it was my job to entertain them and get them tired enough to nap and go to sleep at night.  As I worked hard to wear them out, I found myself getting that heart rate up and engaging compound muscle groups(using several muscles at once) as I attempted to tire the little buggers out.  Here is what I did:

1. Lose Weight Playing Kick Ball

Weight-loss Benefits of Kick Ball: Excellent for your core, tones legs, gets heart rate up.

Even small children can kick and throw a ball.  And there are inexpensive, large bouncy balls that you can pick up for one buck at your neighborhood stores.  Have the kiddies stand on one side of the yard and you on the other.  Kick the ball(s) at them and watch them run for it!  Be ready when they kick it back to you!  Note, if you have three children it is best to have three balls in different colors that they can call their own.  Otherwise there may be some not-so-nice wrestling matches.

2. Burn Calories Playing Duck, Duck, GOOSE!

Weight Loss Benefits of "Duck, Duck, Goose:"   Increases agility, tones legs and elevates heart rate.  Additional benefit, laughter :-).

Hold hands with the children and step back until your arms are outstretched, forming a circle.  Then sit down.  You get to start first, hitting each child's head as you walk around the circle.  Each time you tap their head, you say, "duck."  When you say "goose," that child chases you around the circle of kids and tries to tag you.  Your goal is to get around the circle and sit down before your child tags you.  If they do not tag you, it is their turn to go around the circle.  If they do tag you, then you need to go again and run more quickly next time! 

3. Tone Up Playing Airplanes

Weight Loss Benefits of "Airplanes:"  Total body toning and increased heart rate.  Disclaimer:  dizziness!

Grab your child's hands tightly and start spinning!  Hold on tightly and spin until their little legs leave the ground and their bodies are flying horizontally with the ground.  They will giggle.  You will giggle at them giggling!  Stop when you just can't handle it anymore.  I did three back-to-back airplanes with my nieces and nephew, then fell to the ground.  They laughed hysterically. 

4. Work Core Muscles During Follow the Leader

Weight Loss Benefits of "Follow the Leader:"  Depending on what you do, you will trick yourself into using muscles that you never knew you had!

Need I say more?  Have fun with them and let them take turns being leader.

Really, moms, if you provide structure this summer and play these games with them most days of the week, you will lose belly fat, tone up those muscles for tank tops, and up your "hotness" level!  Oh, and by the way, I am a personal trainer when not writing for Women's Forum.  Cheers!

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