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lose-weight-with-bootcamp-fitness-videoChallenge yourself to bootcamp workouts and interval training to burn calories and build muscle. 

The thought of going to a bootcamp class can be intimidating to most people. But, every now and then we have to switch up our routine to stay motivated. Gym bootcamp classes and outdoor bootcamp programs that include high-intensity interval training can help you not only lose weight, but improve your fitness, health and well-being.

If you’re stuck in a workout routine, step off the elliptical machine and challenge yourself physically and mentally to the benefits of bootcamp fitness!

Our very own fitness expert Andrea Metcalf joins trainer Dave from Nantucket Health Club to review the following three interval training exercises.

TRX Back Rowing

Grab onto the rings, lean back with your body parallel to the ground and keep the core tight. Once you’re locked into a solid position, pull your body forward while gripping the rings. The back row targets the largest muscle groups in the back. This includes the deltoids, shoulders, arms and biceps—shaping a strong upper body. Also, most gyms allow you to rent TRX bands from them while you're working out, so find out if your gym offers this option!

Tire Jumps, Squats & Lifts

Jump over the tire into the center, hop out, then turn around and come back. Then, flip the tire on its reverse side two times in a row. Before flipping the tire over, make sure to squat properly. Position feet wider than shoulder-width apart and squat down by sending the hips backward and the rear out. Keep the chest and shoulders upright, back straight and look forward. A combination of jumping, squating and lifting the tire increases your cardio and works the legs. 

Bootcamp Weighted Car Walk

Step into the center of the workout “car” and grab the handles. With a secure grip, squat and walk. The additional weight of the “car” while walking makes the simple movement of walking challenging, burns additional calories and strengthens muscles. Weight-bearing walking can also help prevent osteoporosis or bone fractures and increase bone density. If a bootcamp car isn’t accessible, walk with dumbbells, wrist and ankle weights or a weighted vest to increase intensity.

Switching up your routine makes working out a lot more exciting! The elliptical and treadmill are boring... Admit it! This exercises might seem intimidating, but your body won't change if you don't challenge yourself. Don’t forget, when you step outside of your comfort zone, you’ll start to see results. Don’t give up!


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