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losing-weight-are-you-lostYou can’t just pick up a back pack and start climbing Mount Kilamanjaro and expect to get to the top.  As with any goal, well made plans are paramount.  Preparation, action and perseverance are essential.  We constantly find ourselves searching for improvement.  It might be learning to cook, learning to ski or looking for a new career.  However, more and more people have included losing weight on their “things to do list”.  The secret to losing weight is obvious.

Combining Proper Nutrition and Daily Exercise are the Only Answer for Long-Term Weight Loss Success

Steps to Losing Weight

  1. The first stage is acceptance.  “OH  MY!” I need to lose weight.   Have you recently put on your jeans after a whole summer of barbeque, cocktails, and vacation at the beach and realize that they don’t quite fit anymore.  Have you found yourself moving to the next belt loop.  So many times, we notice that the scale is creeping up but chose to ignore it.   This can happen for weeks, months and years but at some point, you will accept it.  You have to lose weight.  Hopefully it’s not when the doctor says it’s time for insulin or a heart bypass surgery.  But, of course, you’ll have to accept that it’s time then too.
  2. After the “OH MY!” the next words are usually something like “NOW WHAT?”  Where do you start?  How do you begin?  How long will it take?  This is the stage where you will sort out how much time you have for this commitment.  You will figure out how to fit 20 minutes of aerobic activity into your already busy day--everyday.  You will review your current eating habits and take notice of changes you can make for a healthier, lower calorie food.  You will seek out the answers to create a game plan.   The internet is an endless stream of information.  Try websites like NBC Today's Finess, or even MyPyramid.com. You need to find the right fit.
  3. “AH HA!”.  You’ve got a plan!  You’ve put on your superhero CAPE!   You carefully plan, act and then evaluate your progress.  I have had many successful weight loss clients.  Some try baby steps like eating breakfast daily, and walking fifteen minutes everyday for the first two weeks.  Then they slowly add in more cardio exercise and strength training as well as look at their calorie consumption.  They evaluate their progress and continue with small changes every week.  I have other clients that jump full force into a dedicated nutrition plan and daily cardio program, three times weekly strength workouts and never look back.  Different things work for different people and different lifestyles.  The key to success is stay dedicated for the first two weeks.  If, the initial undertaking is successful, you are twice as likely to have long term success.  So be dedicated. 

Secrets for Losing Weight and Maintaining a Positive Attitude 

Any program that you chose for your goal should follow these important steps.  Make a decision to change.  Plan a course of action.  Incorporate into your life.  Have the confidence to act, and lastly eliminate the negatives.  Negatives are any people, places or things that can get in the way of your goal.  They’re the people who say “Just have one bite of cake—it’s my birthday”.  If it’s their birthday they have the right to eat it—not you.  It’s the restaurant that you’ve decided to walk into without any healthy choices on the menu.  Remember when making your plan, to set times, dates, and checkpoints for follow through as well as a Plan B.  Plan B helps to overcome obstacles, reminds you how to deal with last minute mishaps, and gives you the ability to tweak your program when needed. 

“I CAN!”  It is important to continually review your past successes.  Give yourself rewards that contribute to your goal, look for new patterns that you have created and self reflect.  You will find that you have changed and reached your goal.  “I DID it!” 

“OH MY!, NOW WHAT?, AH HA!,  I CAN and I DID it”.
This is the path of accomplishment—and a smaller, great feeling body.

Top Tips to Stay Motivated During Weight Loss

  • Stick 2 It – Give yourself at least 2 weeks of dedicated effort to feel your results.  You will! — And in as little as 6 weeks you will see the changes in your body.
  • Write it Down – Take some time to write down your game plan and check off the steps as you complete them.  It’s easier to spend time writing it out in the beginning and check it off rather than write it at the end of the day.
  • PMA – Positive Mental Attitude.  Eliminate the negative, reinforce the positive. 
  • Moderation – Don’t over exercise or under eat.  Keep to your plan and use moderation when making choices not on your plan
  • Reward Yourself – Rewards can be a massage or new pair of jeans or something as little as checking off another successful day on the calendar.  IT is very important to pat yourself on the back for a day well planed and acted upon.

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