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Are your trying to lose weight?  If not now, maybe in the New Year? Either way, the best thing you can do is watch the clock.  

Do Not Eat After 7 P.M.

US researchers at the Salk Institute have found that restricting eating to an 8-to-12-hour window each day can help the body burn fat instead of storing it. In their experiment, mice were restricted to eating food for 8-12 hours per day instead allowing food at any time. This gives support to the eating after 7 p.m. rule can help be a tool in losing weight.

The controversy was once believed that eating after 7 p.m. meant only eating unhealthy, high calorie meals. However, this latest research shows that there may be more to the metabolism game and burning fat than just worrying about the calories.  

Researchers also found that brief breaks in the routine (a "cheat day," perhaps, or a weekend during which you don't restrict your eating times) had little negative effect. This gives support to the myth that the average American gains 8-12 pounds over the holiday season and supporting the latest 2012 research that shows only a 1-2 pound gain for normal weight individuals and a 3-5 pound gain for overweight party-goers.

Keep Your Meals Within an 8-12 Hour Window

Proposed meal schedule:

  • Breakfast: 7 a.m.
  • Lunch: 12 p.m.
  • Dinner: by 6 p.m.

Oh and skip eating after 7 p.m.!

If you have any health or fitness related questions, please feel free to reach out on Facebook or email me directly at andrea@womensforum.com. 

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