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If you have a headache or suffer from migraines, research published in 2011 in Cephalalgia showed that exercise may be helpful in preventing them as well as reducing the severity of your migraine.But, new information may show that maintaining a healthy bodyweight can help prevent headaches and migraines as well.  

New research by a study published in Neurology online surveyed 3,862 people who submitted information on their height, weight and frequency of migraines. The participants average age was 47, but what's more interesting was the total number of respondents that were overweight.

Almost 25% of the participants were obese (1,044) and of those people, 188 had migraines or migraine-like episodes, as characterized by 14 or less headaches a month.  

The link between obesity and and lack of exercise has been proven in research over and over, but the other health conditions that stem from inactivity can also be part of a bigger problem, the obesity epidemic.  

Bottom line? Exercise and reduce your headaches! Workout Pal can give you some great ideas. 

For more on health and wellness, check out Andrea Metcalf.

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