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Some Remedies Worth their Weight in Gold!

Not too long ago the topic of how to increase intimacy interest in women was unspoken and unheard of.  It wasn't even a condition health professionals felt deserved the same attention and consideration as men with the same problem. Today however you can find at almost any corner market, health food store or pharmacy, numerous nutritional aids intended  to increase a woman's interest in intimacy.  But are these commercial methods better than century old herbal methods?  Let's See!

Powerful Herbal Remedies

Most people don't realize that the drugs prescribed by a doctor to enhance a women's interest in lovemaking, combine modern medicine with the natural herbal remedies that have been used by Native Americans, ancient Chinese and Japanese cultures for centuries.  Researchers have proven that many of those ancient herbal remedies were true herbal solutions to the delicate question how to increase intimacy interest in women. They also discovered ways to enhance the effects of herbal medicine by combining hem with modern medicines for a more commercialized product addressing common problems many women have, a lack of interest in intimacy.

For example; Ginseng is said to increase the male drive but it also works for women the same way, when taken in large quantities. This is why commercial solutions like Cialis use a large dosage of ginseng and horny goat's weeds to stimulate the genitals by increasing the sensitivity levels and improving pleasure, thereby increasing her interest and satisfaction. And even though this may sound like a great solution for women who suffer from a low interest or have trouble getting satisfaction it may not be the best solutions for your health depending upon other conditions you may need to address.

So, before you make a doctor's appointment to get your prescription consider this, most prescription medications warn of adverse effects like dry mouth, nausea and mood swings to name a few.  Since the active ingredients in most over the counter women's interest-enhancing drugs have two very common herbs that could be bought in their unprocessed form and prepared for pennies on the dollar. In additon these may provide the same stimulating effects as the commercial drugs but without those nasty side effects; why would anyone want to invite some of these side effects in exchange for a better love life? Going natural makes a lot of sense and is certainly worth a try.

Some researchers say women need medication to improve satisfaction rather than natural remedies to help enhance their interest because of the complications associated with the symptoms of women who have a lack of interest.  But these ambiguous statements are usually published by none other than the researchers paid by the pharmaceutical company that makes the commercialized enhancement drugs. Look to the source whenever you read negative literature on natural remedies. Many women have been led to believe they need to take a drug to have more interest in intimacy.

So what are these common reasons women have less of a desire for intimacy according to biased researchers. Let's take look at some of the most common physical and physiological reasons for a low drive in women that commercial researchers fail to disclose:

  • Anemia
  • Alcoholism and drug abuse
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Severe depression
  • Anxiety or high levels of stress
  • Past painful or violent sexual experiences (or PTSD) experiences such as rape or molestation
  • Orientation misidentification/or dissatisfaction with a current partner

Just browsing this short list you can see why researchers won't disclose the common causes for a low interest.  Especially when considering that most women who use prescribed intimate stimulants are suffering from one these common causes and a simple lifestyle change or nutritional solution or some counseling is what she really needs instead of a pill. So, instead of assuming the root of the problem is a need for enhancement;consider these following methods to naturally increase women's interet in intimacy;

  • First consult with a physician and discuss the problem to determine the nature of your low drive, whether physical or psychological. This will determine the natural course of action, remedy or method to pursue.
  • If a physiological disorder is the culprit, try working on getting in touch with hidden desires, find ways of relieving stress and anxiety before lovemaking and talking openly with your partner about what's displeasing to you. This could help bring your drive back to life. But for deeper physiological inhibitors like repressed emotions from a previous experience, talking to a professional therapist about these emotions would be the first step, since taking a pill won't make these problems go away.
  • Physical inhibitors like iron deficiency or hormonal imbalances can be remedied by increasing dark leafy green vegetables to your daily diet. Also take iron, calcium and vitamin D rich vitamins and see a gynecologist about treatments for hormonal problems. If the problem is due to specific hormonal imbalances from pre or post menopausal symptoms, prescribed hormonal treatments may solve the problem.
  • Consider increasing your daily intake of ginseng in natural herbal teas and tonics. Ginseng has a number of health properties and benefits like enhancing memory, promoting weight loss, lowering blood pressure, increasing desire and reducing stress and anxiety to name a few.

Mix Natural Ginseng with Ginger and boost the libido properties while reducing pre-menstrual symptoms like cramping, bloating and mood swings.  Combine ginseng in smaller dosages with horny goats weed or Spanish fly a few hours before lovemaking to really get those juices flowing!


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