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Summer means the beach, ice cold cocktails, fun times with friends and summer flings! Have you met a guy this summer and realized you want more than a fling? 

Adam LoDolce, the Dating-Confidence Coach, says that sometimes when we're at certain points in our lives, we just assume that we're not ready for a relationship. Then BAM, we meet someone that we can't stop thinking about. If this sounds like your summer fling, keep reading for some advice on turning your summer fling into something more!

What is a Summer Fling? 

Adam-LoDolce-HeadshotWhat the Expert Says:

“A summer fling is usually when two people are casually seeing each other over the summer. I've found that my dating coaching practice significantly increases during the summer. Not sure if it's because people want to leave their ‘caves’ in the summer, or what...but people want to mingle in the summer time!” says LoDolce. You’ll be able to tell that you are in a summer fling if either there is an "end" date to the fling, such as someone's moving away at the end of the summer, or if it's a casual, non-committed relationship. 


Turn Your Summer Fling Into a Real Relationship 

What the Expert Says: Believe it or not, men aren' the only ones looking for a summer fling. “I think that depending on the age group, both men and women are looking for summer flings,” he says. “This is especially the case when people are on vacation. I think of beach town resorts when I think of summer flings, and many times both people involved in the relationship know that it's going to end when the summer ends.” 

If you want to turn the fling into something more, then it's time to set your boundaries. “If you have decided that a fling is no longer going to make you happy, you need to be open and express that to the guy. If he's not agreeable, then you need to be wiling to walk away from the situation,” says LoDolce. 

“If you have decided that a fling is no longer going to make you happy, you need to be open and express that to the guy. If he's not agreeable, then you need to be wiling to walk away from the situation.” - Adam LoDolce, dating coach

Be honest with him but also be proactive. Invite your “fling” to fall events or fun dinners and dates. Let him know you will still be thinking about him after summer is over. Also, really try to get to know him. Sometimes summer flinging is all about drinking, parties and hooking up but it’s completely okay to be one-on-one and have a quiet night to get to know each other and turn that fling into a lasting love!

To get even more advice on your love life, visit LoDolce's website.












Just in case you haven't already heard: Tinder isn't the only dating app available for those looking for love (or in Tinder's case, a quick hookup). And if you're already on the hunt for love, you shouldn't waste time hunting for the app to find it, too. Fortunately, we've got you covered. Below are five dating apps that could help you seal the deal with the honey of your dreams.

1. Grouper











If going on a one-on-one date is super intimidating and leaves you nervous to venture out into the great unknown, then a double-date through Grouper is a great option. Grab one of your single friends to meet up with two other singles—both duos are looking for a good time and maybe even a spark or two. Another great part about the app (available in the App Store)? There are no rules about who is set up with whom. Just see where the night goes. It's definitely one of the better options for a casual good time without the typical pressure.

2. Plenty of Fish











You need to check out this modern alternative to the age-old phrase, "There's plenty of fish in the sea." Some argue that this app is the original Tinder. Established in 2010, Plenty of Fish (POF) sets singles up with a profile, picture and answers to various questions about themselves, which helps determine who else on the app would be a good match. POF is a notable site because of how many users are involved. With limitless messaging and communication, there truly are "plenty of fish in the [social] sea."

3. Coffee Meets Bagel











You've probably heard the fairytales from this app… marriages, anniversaries, all in all, true love. Coffee Meets Bagel is designed for singles who are seriously ready to find the one. It can be casual, yes; however, the majority of users on the app are looking for someone that will finish their sentences, celebrate life's milestones and enter the next phase of life. As soon as you download the free app in the App Store, we bet you'll "find your Everything Bagel this season."

4. JSwipe











If you're sticking strictly to your own religion, JSwipe offers a Tinder alternative for Jewish singles looking foryou guessed itother Jewish singles. The free app, available in the App Store, is becoming progressively popular on college campuses and among younger crowds. And the self-proclaimed "Tinder for Jews" stands by its mission to connect Jewish singles not for a casual hookup, but for a long-term commitment. A one-night-stand is not the goal, but it's also not discouraged (wink, wink).

5. MouseMingle











Before they ask if you're interested, they ask if you love Disney. Because MouseMingle is the app that hooks up Disney aficionados with their romantic counterparts. When downloading this app, the basic questions include 1) Which Disney prince or princess is your favorite? 2) Which Disney song makes your heart sing? 3) How far away you live from the nearest park? and of course 4) Do you have an annual pass to the parks? Unlike some of the above apps, this dating site encourages love and/or friendships… because, let's face it, no one wants to ride the spinning teacups alone.


Vanchau Nguyen wants to help you find your soulmate. The app developer is a true believer in H. Jackson Brown Jr.’s first suggestion from his 21 suggestions for success, which is "Marry the right person. This one decision will determine 90% of your happiness or misery."

Due to this, he finds that creating a social media platform in which the focus is video profiles will provide an online dating avenue like nothing else available today.

Nguyen, who has been involved with online communities since he was about 12 years old, became involved with online dating when he started his first company ezboard. It was one of the first user-customizable online message boards with millions of users created in 1997, long before Facebook and Twitter.

“We often used to get emails stating that users had met their spouse online using our site. Some would write just to say ‘thank you’ and others invited us to their weddings. The interesting thing was that the relationships formed online over a long period of time, often with no physical meetings until deeper in the relationship,” says Nguyen.

He recalls that this is when he really began wondering if these couples were enjoying happiness longer than couples that met in traditional ways.

This strengthened Nguyen’s belief that your primary relationship has the greatest influence on your happiness (or misery) and that successful relationships really can start online.

“When you look at a video of someone instead of photos you get a better sense of the person, their voice, and possible chemistry.” 

From there, he decided to create his own dating site known as Mingle2. He knew it was something he was passionate about and worthy of his time (H. Jackson Brown Jr.’s second suggestion). After many years developing and operating a dating site, Nguyen expanded into mobile applications with JustSayHi, a video social media app focused on relationships that uses video introductions to provide a greater sense of connection and authenticity.

16471-just-say-hi-appPhoto Credit: JustSayHi.com

Nguyen says, “When you look at a video of someone instead of photos you get a better sense of the person, their voice, and possible chemistry.” He adds, “Video profiles are more real than photos and no one has to pay to interact with those they find interesting. Our goal with JustSayHi is to create an authentic and frictionless online experience that facilitates people connecting offline.”

What’s unique about Nguyen’s company, Mingle Limited, is that it operates like a self-funded research lab experimenting with different ideas.

“We have some core dating businesses that fuel our innovations and we believe this gives us an advantage in discovering new and useful ideas,” he says. 

“We have other apps in development that are different than anything that is out there today,” Nguyen adds. “And they are coming out soon - within a year or two.”

Even though Nguyen won’t reveal exactly what he’s been cooking up lately, we look forward to discovering what the next generation of online dating has in store for us! 

Visit JustSayHi.com to download the app for iPhone and Android. JustSayHi now features a chat room and multiple languages. 


Making friends was so much easier when we were kids. It seemed like you could share the water fountain together and be best friends forever. But as we become older, making new friends can be hard! Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, just moved to a new city, or are simply wanting more variety, try some of these ideas to make new friends. It may be a weird concept since you’re an adult and no longer in high school or college (when making new friends was as simple as hanging out with your roommate), but learning how to make new friends is a valuable skill at any age! 

Make New Friends In-Person

  • GROUP DATES: Are you single? Go out with a group of people. Everyone will bring some of their clan so maybe you’ll meet a new girlfriend and a cute guy! 
  • DOUBLE DATES: You and your husband or boyfriend should go on a double date with another couple you’ve met a few times. Maybe you and your husband or boyfriend will both make a new buddy!
  • DINNER PARTY: Host a dinner party. Your close friends will bring their close friends, who will bring theirs and so on. It’ll be a house full of new people to meet!
  • PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE: Sometimes it just takes you to be the one to ask to make plans first. So be your outgoing self and make it happen!

Make New Friends Online 

  • FACEBOOK: Get on Facebook and send a friend request or two to people you’ve met recently and start chatting with them. Once you two have chatted about that fun group outing you went on, set a lunch date up! 
  • EMAIL: We use our emails daily and sometimes it feels more comfortable to say something over email, which is totally okay! Email an acquaintance and set up a coffee date! 
  • MAKE A PROFILE: There are websites that function like dating websites but they are only for searching for platonic relationships. Give it a try! 

Remember, putting yourself out there is the best way to make new friends!


Sometimes guys are busy. Sometimes they don't respond. And when that happens, we throw ourselves into a tizzy wondering why he is completely incapable of returning a simple text. Well ladies, there are plenty of reasons why he hasn't responded. Just check out this list.

1. His phone died

For those of us with smartphones, we know the battery life is not so great. So, if you're waiting for a response from a man you're interested in and he has yet to respond, maybe his phone is dead? Or maybe he lost the charger. Regardless, he can't take selfies, check emails or most importantly, return your text.

2. He's grieving

Maybe his mom died. Maybe it was his dog. Maybe it was just a house plant. Either way he hasn't responded because he's pretty upset. Just give it time and he'll come around.

3. He's taking a nap

Whether it's a 6 hour nap or one that last for 15 minutes, he had to disconnect from the world of smartphones just to get some rest. As soon as his internal batteries recharge, he'll probably make an effort to contact you.

4. He's at the gym

For two hours? It must be leg day. But still, he can't respond right now because he's pumping iron, getting jacked or doing whatever it is that guys do at the gym.

5. He's contemplating

The text you originally sent was so witty, entertaining and cute that's he's having a hard time responding to someone who has such a grasp on the English language. Subconsciously he wants to be appear more hilarious than you are, but after reading the text you sent, he doesn't stand a chance and he knows it.

6. He's sick

Maybe it's the common cold. Maybe it's amnesia. Either way his health is too poor to even swipe left on Tinder, let alone return your message.

7. He's out to dinner

But with who? Not you, maybe family, maybe friends. At least you know your crush has nice table manners and won't be glued to their cell phone screen on your next dinner date.

8. He's testing your patience

Is he a meditation master? Does he try to practice patience? Or is he just a total jerk? Whatever the reason, he hasn't responded because he likes to make you squirm and twitch and possibly have a panic attack in leiu of his response.

9. His phone is on silent

He might be at church with his parents or maybe he decided to see a matinee. His phone is on silent and as soon as the sermon, show or play is over, he'll get back to you.

10. He's just not that into you

The chances of him getting abducted by aliens and leaving his cellphone on their UFO is much higher, but still, maybe he's just not that into you.