Inspiring Women

Inspiring Women

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Many groups around the world are celebrating International Women's Day, but one that's making a huge impact is Google. If you clicked their daily doodle, a video called "One Day I Will" popped-up. and featured women in 13 cities around the world sharing what they hope to accomplish in the future. Check it out:

Women in 13 cities around the world share what they hope to accomplish in the future.

Check it out! We have, at least a dozen times each!

Not only did Google share the video, they started the hashtag #OneDayIWill to encourage women everywhere to "tell the future what's up."

The idea is just by sharing your goal you are one step closer to achieving it!

Womens Google Doodle Tweets


Womens Google Doodle Tweets2Google is also sharing behind the scenes footage from the 337 women they interviewed for their International Women's Day Doodle, as well as links to 5 organizations that are helping women across the globe change the future.

Get all caught up on this "girl action" and get inspired here.


Learning to love myself is one of the most rewarding processes I have ever undertaken. It is also one of the hardest. It wasn't always easy and it wasn't the most comfortable experience, but it taught me a lot about myself and how I can better extend my love to others. If you are looking to grow, or begin the process of self-acceptance, check out these tips on learning to love yourself.

1. Look in the mirror and say it

You may not believe it at first, but looking in the mirror and saying “I love you” can help you to better connect with yourself and all the reasons you are great. If you don't believe it today, keep trying on a daily basis and eventually the idea of self-love will stick.

2. Experience new things by yourself

Go to a movie. Eat at a restaurant you have never tried. Check out a new coffee shop. The list of activities you can experience by yourself is endless. By doing new things, you become self-sufficient and more aware of the positive activities you enjoy.

3. Eat right and exercise

Maintaining physical health can help you feel better mentally. It will also give you the chance to look inward and assess ways to improve, giving you a new perspective as you shed unneeded habits and possibly pounds.

4. Set goals

Setting one realistic goal you can achieve can help you realize how powerful you really are. It could be as simple as attending one yoga class a week or cooking a new recipe. Either way, make sure the goal is not too extreme and can be measured in some way.

5. Listen to good music and sing loud

Opening your heart with some really good tunes can help beat out stress from your daily life and make you feel a little warmer inside. It's a known fact that certain music can increase your mood and help you experience a sense of well-being.

6. Meditate

Taking a step back from your own mind can open you to a whole new world of possibilities and perspectives. Meditation is clinically proven to reduce your heart rate and calm the body. It also opens your heart and mind to the world around you and allows you to connect to a greater consciousness.

7. Meet new people

Talking with a different group of people can help you better understand yourself. It can also teach you about alternative lifestyles while forcing you to step outside of your comfort zone.

8. Connect with old friends from the past

Write a letter to a friend from the past and tell her your favorite memory. Doing this can help you better understand where you came from as your share a positive memory with a friend. By loving others, you can learn to love yourself.

9. Write daily

Writing in a daily journal can provide an opportunity to reflect on the world around you and understand things you might not. It can also help you deal with feeling sad or chronicle a positive life event.

10. Acknowledge your journey

By acknowledging where you come from and accepting where you are, you can acknowledge all the positive things that lie within. This is not something that happens in one day, but rather, a process that takes place throughout one’s lifetime.


Parents have always had a tough time teaching their kids responsibility. Chores, cleanliness, and healthy eating just don't sound that appealing to kindergartners. Luckily, today's technology can offer a helping hand.

There are a ton of helpful smartphone apps that can teach your kids the value of responsibility while also keeping them entertained. Here are some of the best ones we came across! 

1. iDiary for Kids

iDiaryIt's never too early to start writing and iDiary for Kids provides the perfect place for your kids to start practicing. Children as young as 5 are able to make a photo, draw, scrapbook, and journal while learning how to express themselves and reflect on their own feelings. 

2. Allowance and Chores Bot

RobotAllowanceFew things are more difficult than getting your kids to do their chores. The Allowance and Chores Bot app turns housework into a fun activity. Parents are able to assign weekly tasks to the whole family and get their kids into the routine of staying on task.  

3. Calm Counter

calmcounterTemper tantrums are an unfortunate part of raising young kids. Calm Counter is an app that helps kids understand and control their emotions. The app explains what getting mad is and includes a counting feature that helps parents and kids take a step back and breath until serenity prevails. 

4. Pepi Bath

pepibath All parents know how hectic bath time can be. This app uses a colorfully cute game to teach your kids the importance of personal hygiene while letting them have some fun. The app allows for parents and kids to play together and develop positive bathroom habits as a team.

5. iReward Chart

iRewardChartThis three-time consecutive winner of "Best Parenting App" via lets parents encourage and motivate responsible behavior from their kids. Parents are able to customize rewards when their children reach goals based on life skills such as patience or sharing. Parents will quickly see how one extra hour of T.V. time or the potential for a few extra allowance bucks can go a long way. 

6. Bankaroo

bankarooResponsibility with money is one of the best skills a child can learn and Bankaroo helps your kids learn finance early. The app works as a virtual bank that lets your kids manage their allowance and plan their spending in an easy to follow interface.  

7. Awesome Eats

AwesomeEatsMost adults know how hard it can be to break free from unhealthy eating habits. That's why Awesome Eats is such an awesome app! It gets kids into the habit of making the right dietary choices early in a fun and colorful way. 



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The list of women we admire is long, and while we often see them as role models and motivators, it’s easy to forget the challenges they faced on their way to success.


Unless you've been on a social media hiatus this year, you've probably seen the hashtag #WasteHisTime2016 trendingand have some kind of opinion on it. It all began when a bunch of guys started the hashtag #WasteHerTime2016, which showcased the stereotypical ways that men waste the time of women who are interested in them, like canceling last-minute for a date or never texting them back. 

Naturally, the ladies did not hold back, and the #WasteHisTime2016 hashtag began, with hilarious (but admittedly sassy) results. 

Since the hashtag went viral, both men and women have responded by expressing their concerns about the future of dating if women actually tried to copy this kind of behavior and used it on unsuspecting guys. What about the nice guys? Would this lead to future generations of jaded single people? On the other hand, some posted that this was finally giving guys a taste of their own medicine, and that the hashtag was a sort of feminist forum for women to air their grievances.

Firstly, no, this hashtag is not feminist. Convincing women who've been hurt in relationships to retaliate by acting in hurtful ways to harm future partners 1) hurts both parties and 2) is hardly the way to be happy. Yes, it's mean, which is why no one, men or women, should be acting like this in a relationship. 

But if you can take the movement for what it is, a hashtag that's poking fun at the social norms and pitfalls of dating in our hook-up culture, it's actually pretty hilarious.