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loving-yourself-FINALOwn your life and be its leading star by first loving yourself and being your biggest supporter. Whether we're taking charge of our day or responding to it, our failures and letdowns sometimes consume our heads. Instead of focusing on what was accomplished at work, we stress over our mistakes. Instead of feeling great that we’re so interesting and beautiful to be taken on a date, we wallow in our sorrows that it ended before it started.

Whether we’re second guessing our parenting skills because of sneers from other moms or comparing our bodies with other women at the gym, we sometimes can’t help but focus on our shortcomings.

Personal praise and self-love aren’t impossible though, as long as we make the decision to believe that we're worthy and deserving.

"Sex & the City's" stories about womanhood and friendship are synonymous to real life pursuits of happiness, family and love — in my humble opinion.

Carrie Bradshaw, weighted with guilt for breaking Aiden’s heart and filled with insecurity after reading a negative Times review, asks:

“Why is it that we always seem to believe the negative things people say about us? No matter how much evidence there is to the contrary, a neighbor, a face, an ex-boyfriend can cancel out anything we ever thought was once true. When it comes to life and love, why do we always believe our worst reviews?”

Then Carrie realizes, “The truth is… it’s the reviews you give yourself that matter.” Our life is our own stage where we’re the star lead of our performances, and we deserve to give ourselves the best reviews and loudest applause.

Treat yourself well with the following:

1. Be Kind & Gentle

So, if you’re wondering how to love yourself, treat yourself kindly and gently. Go easy on yourself during moments of weakness, failure or when you don’t quite think that you measure up. By simply being kind to your ego and heart, you won’t feel completely defeated by negative, external experiences or judgments that leave you disappointed or hurt.

2. Be Your Own Advocate

Believing the best about ourselves can be a mental challenge. We thirst for outside validation for our own acceptance. As your own advocate, avoid self-judgment, especially by not comparing yourself with others. Also, talk yourself out of unhealthy mind games and being consumed with made-up false truths about what you think others may think of you. You are your best advocate, whether you want to progress in your career or move on from a breakup.

3. Be Forgiving

We can be our worst critics, and incredibly hard on ourselves. From the expectations that we thrust upon ourselves to those created by society, we can feel like we continually fall short. Every person’s life and purpose are different, and therefore we can’t subscribe to the same rules. We will never look alike or succeed the same. Measure your success and happiness by observing your personal values and unique blessings.

It’s in your hands to make up your mind to be your best reviewer – your biggest fan – no matter what.

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