One of the things I hear most behind the chair of my salon?

Because of an athletic lifestyle, keeping hair stylish but low-maintenance is difficult and many girls just end up giving up on having sporty but cute hair. Although you know I love big glam, the fact is that high volume and soft waves aren't always the answer for an active girl who doesn't have time for the blow dryers or straighteners. Here are a few great tips to stay stylish and not waste any time that could be spent at the gym! 

Keeping hair off your face is a great way to use natural texture to your advantage, so try amping up your normal ponytail, or bun.

Top knots are so trendy and cute right now, and sometimes them being a little messy can actually make the look better, as long as it looks intentional. Top knots give off this cool-girl vibe so they are the perfect look for an active girl. Practice and don't worry if you can't get it perfect right away.

I generally love when the bun is high on the head for a sporty look. It adds height to you, and just makes your hair look effortless without looking a mess.

Remember to try and switch up where exactly you're pulling it to on your head, as repeated wear and tear to the same spot will cause breakage and flyways popping out everywhere. Additionally, never ever put it up when it's wet! Try some different elastics or bobby pins to put it up.

For girls with bobs or short hair, headbands are your friend! You can also try using hair products to make an intentionally messy short style like a lot of celebrities are using right now.

The low maintenance nature of the athlete truly still leaves you with plenty of room for great hair!

Get trims at least every three months (preferably two) to make sure your hair stays healthy. Color might not seem like a good option but I think it is SO cute (and actually low-maintenance) when I see hair that is ombre'd up in a bun. It creates such a perfect mess of colors, and ombre doesn't need to be touched up like all-over hair color. You get a cute trendy look without the effort. Try asking for some balayage to get one or two different shades in your hair to mix up the tonality, while keeping the line of outgrowth soft or nonexistent. 

Lastly, be sure you are treating your hair with professional shampoo and conditioner so that even when you wash it every day it stays moisturized and shiny. Use a clarifying shampoo maybe twice a month to make sure you are getting all sweat and buildup out of your hair. Keep hitting it and don't let bad hair kill your stride! 

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