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Lucy Hale didn’t get her stunning good looks and fierce personality from nothing. Womensforum.com spoke to the dimensional actress and singer and according to the Tennessee-native, she was heavily influenced from a young age by the passionate women in her family.

The Pretty Little Liars star spoke with WF about her recent partnership with Voices of Meningitis, and she noted how her family has strongly influenced her to be a strong voice, both for herself and her fans. 

Due to those powerful influences, Hale remains a respectable icon for young girls who watch her shows, listen to her music, and follow her philanthropic attitudes.

Hale told WF, “Obviously I’m a big believer in women. I think women rule the world and are the most amazing people.”

The 26-year-old actress has two sisters and is constantly surrounded by women on the set of her hit ABC Family show Pretty Little Liars.

Hale continued, “I think I was really lucky to be born into a family of strong women who had strong voices in certain different topics so I feel lucky that’s sort of embedded in me.”

Ladies, looks aren’t everything – Hale embeds in her fans the importance of strength and emotional durability.

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