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lying-down-on-the-job-headerSometimes, all you need is savasana. 

Last night, I taught a workshop on mentoring to a group of Levo League young women professionals. It was a really exciting night to work together, helping them build their skills on self direction, figure out what they wanted and how to get help leveraging other people’s experiences to advance their careers. That was great. As was the walk back and forth to the car which gave me some of my extra minutes for the day. But last night, by the time I got home, the real workout I needed was to get rest.

That’s when I remembered that in yoga, part of the workout is the savasana. The savasana is the recovery where you basically rest and let all of the different workout elements integrate. By popular demand, my body demanded the savasana workout which mostly consisted of lying down with a blanket and just feeling comfortable. I let everything that had happened over the past week sink in and come together.


I think we can call this a real workout. Yoga does so I think we can do it, too. Now, I don’t think that a steady diet of doing savasanas is going to get us very fit but in an every day routine, it definitely has it’s place and I really enjoyed it.

Remember, if you’re coming home at the end of the day and you haven’t done your workout yet, remember, the savasana may be exactly what your body needs.

However you choose to get them, enjoy your #33minutes today!

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