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Madonna-Brit-AwardsPhoto Credit: Splash

The Brit Awards is arguably one of the biggest music events on the British entertainment calendar, and Madonna's closing performance was hotly anticipated. However, things took a turn for the worse for the 56-year-old singer when she stumbled down several steps just seconds into her performance.

Madonna was standing at the top of some steps when one of her backup dancers went in to whip off a designer cape that had been created especially for the occasion. However, the cape didn't come off and instead Madonna awkwardly fell backwards down the steps before landing on the floor.

While she may have been down for a couple of seconds, Madonna managed to get back up on to her feet and continue with the energetic performance that featured a high-intensity dance routine, carrying on like a true professional!

Reassuring her fans that she wasn't hurt, the star posted on Instagram, "Nothing can stop me and love really lifted me up," she wrote, making a reference to the lyrics to her song. "Thanks for your good wishes!" she added. 


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The singer also said that "she was fine" and that her "beautiful cape was too tight". Ironically the fall happened during her performance of "Living For Love", which features the lyrics "I'm going to carry on" and "Watch me stumble."

Over 5.3 million people tuned in to watch the live ceremony which took place at London's O2 Arena on TV according to overnight ratings, meaning that Madonna's fall didn't go unnoticed. The celebrity audience also looked shocked at Madonna's stumble with Karlie Kloss turning to BFF Taylor Swift in the audience with a mortified look. However, The Queen of Pop received huge cheers from the crowd at the end of the recovered performance.

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