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14-dessert-display-table-ideasCreate the best dessert display table at your next party or event!

What's a party without dessert? Every party needs a set of sweet treats for guests to enjoy and a table makes things even more delectable. Become the perfect host by creating the perfect dessert display table at your next party with these few ideas!

  • Pick a color theme: The best place to start when creating your display table is picking a color, or two, to go with the theme of your party. Once you choose your colors, this will help you decide what colors to use when making frosting for desserts, finding decorations, and creating a theme the rest of the party!
  • Find different fabrics for table cloth: Spice up that tablecloth look with a few extra pieces of fabric! Find floral, striped or funky patterns that accent the colors you've chosen. Don't use huge pieces on the table, just small strands.
  • Individualize each dessert: Instead of serving desserts that need to be cut, scooped and served, use desserts that are perfect for each individual to simply pick up and enjoy! The best desserts for this include cupcakes, cake balls, brownies or blondies, cookies, macaroons and custard cups.
  • Label the desserts: The last thing you want is an allergy issue or an unhappy guest, so label the desserts! You can get creative by making handmade labels to decorate the table. Add fun sayings, quotes or phrases for a more personal touch. 
  • Decorate the table: Along with labels, decorate the table using flowers, paper cut-outs, pictures, framed quotes, balloons, banners and paper pom-poms. If you party is themed for a special event such as sports games, graduations or gender reveal parties, use those types of decorations as well!
  • Serve candy in jars: If you are planning on serving candy with your desserts, place the candy inside jars to decorate the back corners of the table. To serve, place a few serving spoons near the jars along with empty plastic or paper bags along with labels. What a fun way to make party favors!
  • Use mason jars and paper straws for drinks: Forget those plastic cups for the party and get creative with mason jars! Jars are quite cheap at craft stores, and are also reusable for future hosted parties! Decorate the drinks with fun paper straws, also found at craft stores.
  • Center the table with a cake: Balance out the look of the table with a cake as the centerpiece. It doesn't have to be a large cake but having it in the center will help the look! You can serve desserts throughout the party then cut the cake as the party is about to come to a close.
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