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make-a-healthy-heart-matter-to-kidsIt's easier said than done to sit down with your kids and have a conversation about how to keep a healthy heart.

A healthy heart for kids is just as important as a healthy heart for you. You might recall going to the doctor when you were pregnant and hearing your child’s heartbeat for the first time. The feeling of relief you experienced when the doctor told you, "Sounds like he has a healthy heartbeat," is probably something you wanted to repeat in your head over and over again. Every mother wants their child to have a strong heart.



But let's say your kids have been exposed to a lot of processed snacks and foods over the last few years. It can be very difficult to swap something like cheese puffs for apple slices and still make them a happy camper. Instead of fighting over salty snacks and carrot sticks, have a conversation with your kids about heart health so healthy snacking will be easier for you as a mother.

Heart Health Conversation for Kids

  • Pay attention to their favorite cartoons or movies. If they have a favorite character, try to have a conversation about that character's eating habits and how your child thinks they stay healthy. For a little extra challenge, have your child keep a list with bright markers of everything they see their favorite character eat on television. Then, have a discussion about foods that are healthy for the heart.
  • When grocery shopping, push your little one around the produce section and have them pick out what veggies they want to purchase. Even better, if they can name vegetables they see while shopping, you can expand on the game and ask them which hero probably eats those vegetables too (then you can slip in the heart health benefits!).
  • If you're attempting to get your teenager to be more aware of heart health, there are many contemporary food movies and documentaries about how healthy eating affects our moods and growing patterns. If they are picky about the topic, try to relate your purpose for watching it to your family's health history.

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