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MakeMeBabiesMakeMeBabies.com is a way to see what your babies may look like before they’re even born! This completely free service is fun, quick and even advanced. The process is as simple as uploading a photo of yourself and a photo of your partner. Just like that, MakeMeBabies.com produces a picture of your possible baby’s appearance.

Or, if you’d rather mix your appearance with a celebrity’s, the MakeMeBabies.com offers a huge gallery of celebrity photos to choose from. That's right, your fantasy baby with your favorite movie star can actually come true! Okay, only on your computer screen. But who is complaining!? 

The best part (besides it being free)? It only takes seconds to make a baby on MakeMeBabies.com. To make a picture of your potential baby, MakeMeBabies uses advanced face detection technology. You can even send baby invites to your friends to they can join in on the fun. It’s a fun, easy way to see just how your future child might look. Visit Website.

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