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making-memories-on-mothers-day-headerThese 6 ideas will help create perfect memories for your kids this Mother's Day.

Okay, so it’s the one day a year that you are supposed to be celebrated. The one day when you are supposed to be allowed to sleep late, get breakfast in bed, be showered with adoration and so forth. So, why are we telling you what you can do for everyone else? Well because we know that above all else, you strive to be the best mom you can be and sometimes during our way-too-busy lives we push the little things that matter aside, the little things that make lasting impressions on our kids. So, we suggest using Mother’s Day as a reminder to take a moment to make memories for your kids.

When you pay attention to they small details, you make memories for your kids that last a lifetime. And while you may be so crazed between commuting and carpooling that it is all you can do to check off your to-do list, it’s important to tick off the things too that make them feel cherished. Yes, you should be the queen bee on Mother’s Day, we’re not taking that away from you at all (puh-leeze!), but we are suggesting that you use this calendar date as a kind of New Year’s resolution—only starting on May 11th, to infuse your daily lives with a little bit more of the meaningful stuff amidst all the chaos in order to make memories for your kids.

Some gestures might be big while others quick and small but each can have amazing impact on your family’s feelings and have the power to make memories for your kids that are warm, unconditional and special.


6 Ideas for Making Meaningful Childhood Memories

  1. Say "I love you" every day. Ten times a day. It’s never too much. Feeling unconditional love is a confidence and self-esteem booster like no other and it also feels fantastic. Sure, they might know it, but it makes an impact to hear it. Even if you told them yesterday, they need to hear it again today and tomorrow. If you need a gentle reminder, think of times you can say it so that it becomes part of your routine: like when you first see them in the morning, when they get home from school and before they go to bed at night. Try it after they’ve done something funny or spectacular or just because. It will make an impact for life.
  2. Plan regular one on one time. This can be tough in a family with crazy schedules but all the more important. It can be a mother/child book group or a charitable endeavor or it can be an ice cream run, reading together at the book store or even a walk on the beach or in town. Make it happen between after school drop offs or early on a weekend. Mommy and me time is not just for the little ones—equally if not more important for you big kids too.
  3. Celebrate occasions. Holidays, birthdays, school events, religious days are all perfect times to create traditions. These can be big deals like decorations, music, major meals for holidays or a stop off at the frozen yogurt place after a school concert.
  4. Document special moments. Take photos when it counts and when it doesn’t. Make a commotion about the first day of school, the first day of camp, vacations, school concerts, a trip to the dentist, driving, and more. Download photos, put them in albums, frame them, hang them on the walls. Sometimes these images make the memories even more than the events themselves.
  5. Be spontaneous. On occasion, forget about the schedule. Skip piano lessons, soccer practice, work, even school. Cuddle up on a rainy day and watch movie marathons. Jump in the car and go on an adventure. Just hang out and go out without a plan in mind.
  6. Get dirty. Play, plant, cook with your kids—without fear that it’s all going to get too messy. Roll up your sleeves and laugh out loud. You can always shower after.

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