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  • Make Your Home Sparkle

    Make Your Home Sparkle

    Want your home to sparkle? The latest trend in home decor is all about what’s glittery and shiny - basically every girly girl’s dream! Mimicking the current sparkly craze that’s taking over the fashion world, the homes of trendsetters are beginning to shine. Get on this trend with just a few home decor pieces that will give the room a feminine, chic touch by clicking on.

  • Sequined Curtain

    Sequined Curtain


    Photo Credit: Anthropologie.com

  • Peace Bottle Stopper

    Peace Bottle Stopper


    Photo Credit: PotteryBarn.com

  • Glittered Number Stakes

    Glittered Number Stakes


    Photo Credit: BHLDN.com

  • Sequin Potholder

    Sequin Potholder


    Photo Credit: Anthropologie.com

  • Sequin Table Runner

    Sequin Table Runner


    Photo Credit: Amazon.com

  • Sequin Pillow

    Sequin Pillow


    Photo Credit: PotteryBarn.com

  • Travel Mug

    Travel Mug


    Photo Credit: Etsy.com

  • Shimmer Gold Plate

    Shimmer Gold Plate


    Photo Credit: CrateandBarrel.com

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